2020: 07-07 --- CoinKit Tipbot - July Proposal

CoinKit Tipbot - July Proposal

Project Proposal

ChekaZ - coinkit@blockcurators.com

1. General Project Information

Project Name: CoinKit Tipbot
Project Manager: ChekaZ
Link: TBD
Vote: TBD

2. Description

Coinkit Tipbot Integration

Dear Syscoin Community,

we are the team of the company Blockcurators GmbH from Germany and are seeking funds to integrate Syscoin into our CoinKit.

We offer a tipbot as a service with support for different communication platforms.
As soon as the integration is active, everyone can use the tipbot on twitter, discord, slack or telegram giving more exposure and visibility to syscoin.

In contrast to many other common tipbots, all of our transactions are on the blockchain (on-chain tipping) and our integration offers a variety of features. CoinKit directly uses the Blockchain technology and doesnt rely on databases for tipping as most tipbots do.

To view a demonstration of the many features which are available today, please visit our website https://coinkit.de/
We have already successfully integrated other crypto currencies like Binance Coin, Qtum, Digibyte, Nexus, Feathercoin, Bittube, Tezos or Trezarcoin and received only positive feedback so far.

Our Key advantages are:

  • Support for many different Plattforms
  • CoinKit as SMM Tool for Twitter with monetized Tweets and automated Giveaways
  • Insurance on the Coins up to the proposal amount in USD, backed by a German insurance company
  • Direct Support and Developer Contact
  • Continous Development: Every hour of Development work benefits every Member of Coinkit
  • We are growing rapidly thus you can expect rapid feature grow within the next years
  • It’s a core Product not a Side Project so it won’t be abandoned anytime soon
  • Audit is possible: You can get a list of all Accounts and a confirmation that the coins are still there any time
  • Support for unlimited Users and Installations
  • Extensive Documentation at our Wiki ( https://wiki.coinkit.de ) and with !tiphelp within CoinKit DMs on each social platform

Tipbot Feature summary:

  • Integrated Platforms today: Slack, Discord, Telegram, Twitter
  • Monetized Tweets and automated Giveaways on Twitter
  • Common Tip commands like: !balance, !deposit, !tip
  • Uncommon Tip commands like: !tip @channel, !coingiveaway
  • Market/Coin informations with: !price and !convert
  • Games included like ( Rock, Paper, Scissors ) - ( Slack only )

Relevant Link summary

We are fully transparent with the usage of our tool, we’ve set up a real-time Dashboard which tracks all activity. -> https://dashboard.coinkit.de

Project Duration

We would probably need around 2 weeks for the integration ( Integration + Testing ), when we see interest in this proposal and people are voting for it, we will start early and have it ready when the governance-cycle is done.

We have two Membership models for CoinKit:

Yearly payment: 6000$
Lifetime payment: 18800$

We would love to have the input of the community which model you would give preference.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us per Email: info@blockcurators.com or just give our bot a try on twitter ( @coinkit_ ).

Kind regards,

Blockcurators Team`

3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)

Status Time Budget Risks
**RAG Status Guideline**
Status Time Budget Risks
Green: Key milestones are met and critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is < 10% of lifetime cost. No risk is reported Amber or Red.
Amber: One or several key milestones cannot be met but critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is 10%-20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Amber and none is reported as Red.
Red: One or several key milestones cannot be met. Critical path and delivery end date are affected. Cost variance is >= 20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Red.

4. Overall Status


5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period


6. Time

2 weeks

7. Budget

6000$ or 18800$ depends on Community preference

8. Risks


Hi and welcome to Syscoin!

Thanks for your proposal!
I took the liberty of fixing your formatting in a few places (essentially removing the code tags where inappropriate. You can look at the edit history to see my changes.

Be aware that we lock proposal posts when proposals are submitted, so please make sure it’s how you want it to be by that time.

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Thanks a lot! - I’ll make sure its all correct when it goes into ‘proposal’ status.

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Any input/feedback? Would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

We have a tipbot on Discord. Having a token tipbot on different social media platforms could be interesting.

Would each SPT need to be setup individually or would it be universal?

If a lifetime membership was paid would the Syscoin community own the code/bot? If the company stops operating in the future that would be a lost investment otherwise.

Yes each SPT would need to be set up individually, we like to only have quality projects within CoinKit. So each SPT would need to apply on its own and we would evaluate it. The Membership for SPT would be cheaper than the original integration of SYS.

No Syscoin community doesn’t own the code or the bot. Blockcurators GmbH provides CoinKit as a service, code will never be sold.

We are a fully registered company in germany which operates under local laws. We are happy to sign a ‘refund-policy’ that if the operation should stop, the time left ( if booked yearly ) or lifetime, will be paid back.

There are tipbots that ask 0.5% commission. That means CoinKit becomes interesting when $1.2 million worth of tips are transacted each year.

What you’re selling is exposure across all CoinKit instances, and the value is in visibility, correct? How many servers are running the CoinKit Tipbot? Do the server moderators that employ the Tipbot get to decide which currencies are visible? How does a random user on a random server get exposed to the Syscoin brand?

I’m imagining this exposure to be small, and consider the price steep. At least at this point in time.

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CoinKit is an on-chain tipbot which differentiates us a lot from all other common tipbots, besides that CoinKit does have way more functionality than most other tipbots.

If you have taken a look at CoinKit ( @coinkit_ ) on Twitter or at our Dashboard ( https://dashboard.coinkit.de ). You can see how many people are using the Tipbot, right now we are at 48000 unique users each month, several million impressions and interactions as well as average 300 000 transactions per month.

CoinKit is being operated by a registered company, we do provide insurance on the deposited coins as well as “we dont run away” with the funds like it happens sometimes with Tipbots that are done by a single entity.

On Telegram, Discord and Slack, the admins can decide which interface is enabled. ( On telegram the owner can set the default coin ). On Twitter all users see that a new coin is integrated as it is multi-coin configured. You can define via the shortcut of the coin which coin you want to tip.

For spreading the awareness of the Syscoin brand, Twitter would be optimal platform to get new users.

Update, quote from the Discord:

I would also like to showcase you the usage of the Twitter SMM features. - Monetized tweet from one of our supported projects: ( A monetized tweet is a setup payment that is instantly sent over the blockchain after the user has retweeted. That is set up with the command “@coinkit_ mon 10 1000 $nim” - That means the first 1000 users to retweet will get 10 $NIM each. https://twitter.com/nimiq/status/1275106725754961920

Here is an example of the automated giveaway. - NXS set it up with “@coinkit_ give 3 10 $nxs” that is a lottery that gives 10 random users who have retweeted 3 $nxs when the creator draws it within his dms. The creator cant fake the giveaway that way and its always legit. Funds are escrowed for the time until the creator draws. https://twitter.com/NXSCommunity/status/1287749589177643008

So its more or less “just” a high end tipbot for Slack, Telegram & Discord, but on Twitter is a Social Media Marketing Tool on top.

I would also like to add some more examples of Monetized tweets as well as Automated Giveaways, here are some from my personal account.


Monetized Tweet:

Also I talked to my team and we would agree to add one SPT in a adding cycle shortly after the main integration of Syscoin is done. If lifetime is choosen, the SPT also gets a ‘free’ lifetime.

Other SPTs have to apply individually afterwards and pass the evaluation process, the fee will be less for SPTs than the original base Syscoin integration.