Brand suggestions

Suggested Name: Aeros
Free URL:
Reasoning: sounds like arrows, definition “aerodynamic in styling”, sounds like an anime character, Greek God of the Air, alphabetically prominent.


Suggested Name: Foton
Free URL:
Reasoning: misspelt Photon or Photon in some languages (should stick to memory), definition: a particle of light → assocaition super fast like our tx speed

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Suggested Name: Fyvo
Free URL:
Reasoning: A play on financial evolution.


Suggested Name: SEVN
Free URL: (premium),
Reasoning: new name but with link to past as stands for Syscoin Enhanced/Enabled Virtual Network


Free URL: / (on sale)
Reasoning: A real true project which name means true.
Given that actual logo is a tautology it can be kept - Ticker ‘taup’ Tau from hebrew higher letter
Like Syscoin, In mathematical logic, a tautology (from Greek: ταυτολογία) is a formula or assertion that is true in every possible interpretation, so will be all projects on this platform

Suggested Name: TANGIBLE
Free URL:
Reasoning: Name must transmit a solid perception and Ticker TNG is a good one not in use
When the virtual evolves enough it becomes real, concrete. SYSCOIN becomes TANGIBLE

Suggested Name: Cipherfoundry or Cypherfoundry or Cipherforge or Cypherforge
Free URL: All presently available
Reasoning: Both Cipher and Cypher mean a disguised way of writing or code. It can also mean nothing or 0 but that is dated. The perfect cipher offers nothing or 0 for hackers. This is what Syscoin does. Cipher Forge and Blockchain Foundry create.

Suggested Name: ALLOY
Free URL: Not provided
Reasoning: Considering bitcoin as “gold” it gets usable by mixing with an ALLOY like copper or silver to make it stronger , harder and make it less brittle

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Suggested Name: Permatrade(s)
Free URL: Presently available
Reasoning: Suggests permanence and security in platforms, utilities, trades, services, innovations. Has an assuring but satisfied feel to it not unlike having a permagrin.

Suggested Name: Tangent
Free URL:
Reasoning: Comes from latin meaning “to touch”, it’s a known mathematical term especially important in differential geometry, can easily be visualised as a line or a plane touching and connecting different components in blockchain enviroment (btc, eth, nfts, notary functions, scalability…) with the platform itself being in the middle. If ticker for traiding pairs should stay the same, the name can possibly be modified to “systangent”

Suggested Name: Swift Technology
Free URL:
Reasoning: swift > moving or capable of moving with great speed … like SPT tokens with ZDAG :slight_smile: + you can keep sys current logo

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Suggested Name: TheCryptoQuiver or CryptoQuiver
Free URL: can be purchased.
Reasoning: Toolbox for the present and future arsenal. Suggests the foundation means business and is in a cooperative hunt for businesses at all levels. The quiver is open(source) so all can see the iron in our words and coding. Who in the crypto world is more open and co-operative than Jag, Dan and the OGs?

Suggested Name: Syrius Platform
Free URL:
Reasoning: Get to keep SYS symbol, logo, addresses and change the name.
Shows that we’re serious, and very memable “Get Syrius”
Syrius is the alpha or brightest star of the constellation Canis Major , the Greater Dog, known also as Orion’s Dog. It lies in a descending line from Orion’s belt, and is the brightest star in the heavens, best seen in winter and in summer.
Get to keep the logo for the galaxy/nebula theme (even though Sirius is a star)
There was a Sirius token project, but it is an extinct project.

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Suggested Name: Nevermind
Free URL:
Reasoning: Similar to the “Nevermore” submission, this also can use the ticker of $NEVM or $NVM, can also use similar brand ID language like “Nevermind about compliance … nevermind about security … nevermind about interoperability … you don’t need to worry about those things anymore.”

Also, it’s the name of (arguably) one of the greatest rock albums of all time …

Suggested Name: Nevermore
Free URL:
Reasoning: “Quoth the raven, nevermore …”

Nevermore will you worry about compliance or regulation.
Nevermore will you be concerned about digital asset security.
Nevermore will you pay egregious fees to transfer tokens.
Nevermore will you think about being “future proof”.

Welcome to the Nevermore Platform.

Imagine the branding possibilities here? You could be slick and modern with it, or you could have a darker, more “gothic” edge … just like Poe.

Oh, bonus? Our ticker can be either $NEVM (as in our NEVM solution) or we can even do $NVM which is free.

Suggested Name: GENESYS
Free URL:,, (but there are a lot of TLD’s still available)
Reasoning: Genesis and Syscoin, Genesys, Genesis is the traditional Greek name for the first and best-known book of the Bible is Genesis, meaning “origin”. Genesis tells the stories of the creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah’s ark, the Tower of Babel, Abraham and his sons, and more — the stories that explain how the world and humanity were created, as well as much about how humanity, and especially the descendants of Abraham, relate to the rest of the world. Today we use genesis to refer to the creative beginnings of much smaller things, but never unimportant ones.


the origin or mode of formation of something.

“this tale had its genesis in fireside stories”

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Suggested Name: Magnetite
Ticker suggestion: FEO (cuz - Fe3O4; FeO·Fe2O3 chemical formula), MAG, MAGE, MGN, MGNT
Free URL:

Magnetite is a mineral and one of the main iron ores (IMO not well enough explored by scientists)

Not fully known mineral by scientists, have unique set of properties, with the main one is Magnetic.
As also imho, sys still by now, not well explored by the world.
p.s. Let’s explore minerals deeper, bring some more ideas with it.
p.s.s. We mine SYS? Then it’s a mineral.

Suggested Name: ABSCISSA (Abcissa Platform) (Abzcissa or Abscisa as esp-lang )
Free URL:
Reasoning: The name transmits the sense oi Base, Fundamentals, Horizontal, Convergence.
“No matter what’s your Point (or Project) ABSCISSA meets you required distance
Note. It sounds as if AB ABsorbs the sound ‘sys’ ( sciss ) and evolves.
Tickers: ABZ (Meaning First (A) and Last(Z), as well as The Basic or Simple

Suggested Name: Accordi
Ticker suggestion: ACCD
Free URL:,
Reasoning: Positive sounding, can be shortened to acco, clean SEO