Masternode genkey - Method not found (code -32601)

I am a new user. I installed the latest version of Syscoin core 4.2.2 and while creating “masternode genkey” I get “Method not found (code -32601)” error.
I am using the guide provided in the support section

Please help if I am missing anything.

Are you following this guide?

Thank you NerZee for quick response.

I am registering a masternode and how do I get collateral hash.

I got BLS secret, owner, voting, payouts.

I dont get the masternodes tab as well, I completed configuring the masternode in VPS

Look for “masternode_outputs” portion in the guide to figure out your hash.

I think the masternodes tab can be added in Settings in the QT wallet

I dont get the masternode output value

Have you made the 100000 Syscoin transaction in your wallet?

No, how do I do that please?

I did get the masternode tab now, Thanks

Please read the guide I provided earlier. Everything is in there. Carefully read and follow the instructions. You will need to send your Syscoin to the QT wallet.