Masternode new start required

as the instructions said, you need to remove the brackets.

23:07:32 walletpassphrase my pass 600

23:07:32 Method not found (code -32601)

why is the error coming out? (((

If your passphrase contains spaces, wrap it in quotation marks.

There are no spaces in the password
Is it important to drive in the password manually or can you just copy it?

Copying should work fine. I’d suggest you try wrapping it in quotation marks anyway. Maybe certain special symbols also affect it.

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I can not understand the cause of this problem

You don’t provide enough information to find out what the problem is.
One of your nodes needs to be re-initialized, obviously.

I already did this procedure 20 days ago
me what to do it again?

So, how did the status of mn1 change over time? Did it stay in NSR?

already here and there mn1 and mn2(

That doesn’t answer the question. But you’ll have to re-initialize them anyway. I’d reindex the masternodes prior to that.

need to repeat this?

yes, but please reindex the nodes before that.

Remind me how to do it?

I need to go in syscoin core?
What it is vps shell in Mac OS?

No idea, the one you used to install it.

“I need to go in syscoin core?”
Also no idea what you mean by this.

the error message tells you why it didn’t work. wait for the sync to finish, then try again…what was the point of posting this?