Masternode start?

Hello, I’m having issues with my masternode, I hope you can help.

Updated to the latest MN software by using sysmasternode command.
Updated Syscoin desktop software to the latest version, everything is synced.

The last reward was on 04/05/2020

This is what I get

Try systemctl status syscoind to see if the daemon is actually running.
If not, take a look at the debug.log in the data directory cat /home/syscoin/.syscoin/debug.log

Be aware that you need to reindex both the vps as well as Syscoin-Qt when updating to 4.1.3.

Thank you for the reply. This is what I get when systemctl status syscoind is run

Can you please tell me how to reindex the VPS?

So your masternode isn’t running. If it’s not running you can’t reindex it. Take a look at the debug.log file.

A guide to reindex a masternode is here

Again, thanks for your help and sorry to be such a bother. But how can I fix the masternode not running situation?

This are the debug.log last entries

If you haven’t updated the node already, then update it to 4.1.3 and then reindex.
If the node is running 4.1.3 already, I suggest removing everything except for the syscoin.conf file in the data directory of the masternode, and then starting it again.