2020: 07--07 --- Syscoin Network/Syslinks - July Proposal

Project Name: Updating and Optimizing Syscoin.Network & More
Project Manager: MooBaa
Link: <link to your proposal on syshub>
Vote: gobject vote-many 7d6354ce06c19b914776ba88f0cf3deb38d8c36327e1fa324ce3bff522bab9b4 funding yes

2. Description

Current Proposal:
The current proposal seeks funds to extend the previous proposals and will encompass the
following tasks:
Top Priority: Optimizing Website Access Time by using Cloudfare, exploring migration to other providers, editing website to reduce delays, etc.
Continuiation of the previously described tasks in the last proposal

  1. Timely Updates of Syslinks**
    Continue to update syscoin. network /syslinks with all links and following all channels of
    information daily (Discord, Twitter), and disseminate new links added to those signed up to be
    notified through the Twitter @sysnetsite.
    2. Website editing of Syscoin. network/ syslinks and possibly other pages
    During the past month, discussion in discord with @mca have been taken place regarding
    possible integration of the central web page Syslinks on Syscoin org. The easiest way to provide for such an integration while maintaining independence of syscoin org is by way of a URL-forward which requires redesigning and adjusting the layout of that page on
    syscoin. network/ syslinks and other pages such as syscoin. network/ systokens so it matches the official website (Fonts, etc.) to a substantial extend. If implemented, visitors to Syscoin. org could view syscoin. network/ syslinks as part of Syscoin org wishes to add such url-forward. Hence, while syscoin network continues to be an initiative by a community member and independent of the official sites, it contributes to the official channels when feasible.
    Also, should the domain Syscoin. network domain at some point become part of the official
    Syscoin websites, this would lay the groundwork for such a transition. (Partially completed)

3. Adding a multilingual plugin
Visitors of Syscoin. network/ syslinks should be able to view the website in their choice of
language. Given the success of the recent AMA targeting Chinese crypto community, this should be done asap. At the time of writing, a google translate plugin has recently been added as an initial solution. (done completed)

4. SEO Optimization
Until now, there has been no emphasis on marketing Syscoin. network using SEO. It was felt that that it may compete with other websites in terms of SEO ranking, so this was avoided and visitors came primarily from chat and discord, or twitter. Hence, care will be taken to make sure that search terms will be unique and complement, but not directly compete with other Syscoin related websites.

3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)

Status Time Budget Risks
**RAG Status Guideline**
Status Time Budget Risks
Green: Key milestones are met and critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is < 10% of lifetime cost. No risk is reported Amber or Red.
Amber: One or several key milestones cannot be met but critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is 10%-20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Amber and none is reported as Red.
Red: One or several key milestones cannot be met. Critical path and delivery end date are affected. Cost variance is >= 20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Red.

4. Overall Status

<status description>

5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period

Continuing editing and updating of the website. Focus has been on resolving issues, updating links continuously, implementing the goals described.

6. Time

<time planning>

7. Budget

4500 SYS