2020: 08--08 --- Syscoin Network/Syslinks - August Proposal

Project Name: Extending Syscoin.network/Syslinks

To support this proposal vote in Syscoin-Qt

  • Open Syscoin-Qt
  • Select Tools > Console from the top menu
  • Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:
    gobject vote-many
    7d6c21433d1c840c05dd42e5f98ee7f5af61d9f065d632cca246a42b64423026 funding yes

Project Proposal: The current proposal seeks funds to extend the previous proposals and will encompass the following tasks:

1.Continue to update syscoin. network syslinks with adding new links (and removing dead wood) by following all media channels daily (Discord, Twitter), and disseminate new links added to those signed up to be notified through the Twitter @sysnetsite, which always invites Twitter users to visit Syscoin.network for a complete and up-to-date link collection.

Similarly, link updates are posted on Telegram chat with the banner promoting Syscoin.network/ syslinks

2. Website editing of Syscoin. network/ syslinks and possibly other pages

At present the central page SYSLINKS is in the process of being overhauled. The goal is a) to organize topics in a thematic sequence and to facilitate easier navigation. The progress to this end can be viewed at** https://syscoin.network/syslinks-2/ which is about 65% completed.

The major issues to be resolved focus on navigation for phone and tablets and in addition to point navigation anchor navigation may also be added.

3.Syscoin.network/ syslinks is a community resources which aims to supplement syscoin.org and other official channels in that it presents all essential links for the Syscoin Platform on one page which appeals to those joining the community member and allows moderators in chats to point to syscoin.network/syslinks when members are looking for information on exchanges, masternode hosting providers, downloads, media resources, partnership agreements, press releases and more.

4.Whenever major news are released Syscoin.network makes an effort to posts on Publish0x.com. The lastest post https://www.publish0x.com/drlove/binances-busd-to-become-the-first-major-stablecoin-to-utiliz-xllwlvy garnered 2850 views so far. Each article points to Syscoin.network/ syslinks as a resource.

5.Traffic on Syscoin.network/syslinks has shown considerable growth in the past months. Seems that numbers of views and viewers in August show another major increase compared to the previous month, as numbers below are for the period 8/1-8/12/20.

Month /Unique/ Total

|Jan 2020|490|964|2,714|7,248|
|Feb 2020|521|973|2,618|9,133|
|Mar 2020|423|743|2,919|8,049|
|Apr 2020|358|679|2,339|8,029|
|May 2020|491|937|4,016|11,198|
|Jun 2020|455|919|3,331|8,462|
|Jul 2020|1,457|5,980|16,140|26,461
|Aug 2020|1,001|4,311|10,549|14,434| (8/1/-8/12/20)

6.Progress Review: Since the last proposal was filed, the following targets were accomplished:

  • Resolved the issue with slow access time by a) optimizing server settings (mem cache and other server settings) plus using Cloudfare free version.

7.SEO Optimization
Until now, there has been no emphasis on marketing Syscoin. network using SEO. It was felt that that it may compete with other websites in terms of SEO ranking, so this was avoided and visitors came primarily from chat and discord, or twitter. Hence, care will be taken to make sure that search terms will be unique and complement, but not directly compete with other Syscoin related websites. This task will be approached once the more urgent tasks are completed.

Budget Requested: 4500 Syscoin

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