2020: 08--08 --- VibraVid SYS integration

BeatzCoin Airdrop to SYS Community

Project Proposal

Steven Zambron - szambron@vibravid.io

1. General Project Information

Project Name: VibraVid/BeatzCoin
Project Manager: Steven Zambron
Link: <link to your proposal on syshub>
Vote: gobject vote-many a7feefad366b1a6e6615a4062afe73f030fb0c95a36b1acf71d264aabfa7b865 funding yes

2. Description

We are very excited to bring BeatzCoin over to leverage the values of SysChain. The following proposal outlines our proposed marketing campaign, as well as our intentions moving forward.
After careful research we decided to show our commitment to SYS by using the bridge feature. We recently created 125M BTZCspt tokens that we plan to use for an airdrop to SYS masternode holders and those who own over 10K SYS.
With our grant we would set up a master node on SYS in order to show commitment to the community and eco system. Our goal is for the SYS price to increase over time and use funds gradually for development rather than spending it in a lump sum. We aim to integrate SYS chain for our platform and website, Vibravid, and our token BeatzCoin. Vibravid has been online for 9 months and currently has 7000+ users, and has recorded nearly 300,000 p2p transactions. We plan to launch an IOS/Android app before the end of the year and will also be working on a defi aspect that will support content creators in a patreon like manner. BeatzCoin has over 22,000 token holders and has been at one point a Tron Super Representative so we boast a fairly large community. This has helped us carve out a niche community that is loyal and active. Because we have been around since Tron’s mainnet most of our community comes from the Tron community itself. Many have now started to branch out and look for more decentralized options.
On top of running a masternode and performing an airdrop we do plan an aggressive marketing campaign for promote SYS.

Our plan would be as follows:

  1. Announcement of partnering with Sys.
    ⁃ Twitter
    ⁃ Medium
    ⁃ We still have some outlets to use from a previous marketing campaign so we would dedicate that to SYS/Beatz partnership
    ⁃ Telegram
    ⁃ ETC
  2. 2 Part Podcast with Jag where we talk about SYS, the value that it brings for blockchain and specifically the value it brings to Vibravid.
    ⁃ Will use heavy bounty offers to get more listens
    ⁃ Will market with small twitter giveaways for more listens
    ⁃ Target: 1000+ Views Minimum
  3. Banner advertisement on Vibravid promoting the news and Sys chain in general.
    ⁃ On our video page we have scrolling banners that all users see
    ⁃ Marketing SYS on Vibravid with many bounties using smaller clips (We can use previous clips you guys may have or use podcast snippets)
  4. Multiple small SYS giveaways that we can run through crypto influencers/enthusiasts to help gain more exposure. We would use granted funds for this.

We strongly believe our niche inside the Tron community can help bring exposure to SYS as well as leveraging our current community of over 20K token holders. We would like to apply for 100K SYS which would then allow us to go ahead to run a master node. Please let us know your thoughts and if you have any additional propositions.

VibraVid is a new social music and video sharing site, of which BeatzCoin is the native cryptocurrency token.We aim to add support (use-case) for both BTZCspt and SYS. By integrating both tokens, users will be able to accept and accumulate these tokens via purchases, payments, bounties, staking, and more!

To celebrate the expansion of BeatzCoin to Sys chain, VibraVid is excited to announce a 125 Million BeatzCoin Airdrop campaign. We are using the Revolutionary bridge to seamlessly move SPT and ERC20 tokens back and forth. This will allow us to satisfy SYS, ETH and Matic communities so they can take advantage of these technologies. and hold their tokens where they desire most. It gives us additional flexibility in leveraging all useful technologies on Vibravid.io as well.

Here is what you need to know about the Airdrop:

When will it occur?

  • The Airdrop will run from October 1st through December 31st of 2020
  • Every 15th of the month we will take a snap shot of the wallets and those who qualify will receive from the monthly pool of BeatzCoin (BTZCspt)

Who Qualifies?

  • All SYS Masternodes

How much can you get?

  • 125 Million BTZCspt pool

We are very excited to have the SYS community learn about Vibravid and see us grow with the help of SYS tech. If you haven’t already, create an account on Vibravid.io, explore our MVP and earn some BeatzCoin while you are at it! For more information on owning a SYS Master Node visit: https://syscoin.org/masternodes

We would love to see many from our current community join in the SYS governance!

3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)

Status Time Budget Risks
**RAG Status Guideline**
Status Time Budget Risks
Green: Key milestones are met and critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is < 10% of lifetime cost. No risk is reported Amber or Red.
Amber: One or several key milestones cannot be met but critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is 10%-20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Amber and none is reported as Red.
Red: One or several key milestones cannot be met. Critical path and delivery end date are affected. Cost variance is >= 20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Red.

4. Overall Status

New proposal.

5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period

None. New proposal.

6. Time

4-8 weeks.

7. Budget

74,500 SYS

8. Risks

The 4-8 weeks timeline is dependent upon current developments ongoing. We would like to have this project completed within 8 weeks.

Just to be clear, the 74,500 Syscoin you’re asking for will be your payment for the marketing portion of your proposal? What tasks are dependent on the proposal being funded? If you get funded I just need to know what duties you’d be responsible for.

“We recently created 125M BTZCspt tokens that we plan to use for an airdrop to SYS masternode holders and those who own over 10K SYS”

Over 10k or 100k?

Hello NerZee! The 74,500 SYS is for Vibravid to operate their own masternode. The extra SYS we have will be used for marketing, giveaways, etc. We believe we can add value to the sys ecosystem and would rather use a portion of those funds for continued development when the price is 3 or 4x its current value. We will be covering the work entailed for marketing to our communities and also providing an airdrop. As far as the air drop we have a planned allocation of 125M BTZC (roughly 4% of the supply) Most of the amount is set for masternode owners. We will allocate a smaller amount to holders of over 10K. Feedback on amounts is welcome.

The Tasks would be:
Marketing Campaign (includes articles, podcasts, press-releases, twitter giveaways, promotional sys videos on Vibravid.io)


gobject vote-many a7feefad366b1a6e6615a4062afe73f030fb0c95a36b1acf71d264aabfa7b865 funding yes

Just checking in to see how things are going. What is the Masternode address that you guys set up? Is there anything the community can do to help with the marketing effort?

When you say “Masternode address” what exactly are you looking for? Wallet, IP, ?

We’ve actually set our MN up approximately 28 minutes ago. :slight_smile:

We could definitely use some help on the marketing effort side, where we will be airdropping not only BTZCspt but also SYS.

It would be better to contact me via telegram @zambino79 to discuss. :slight_smile:

Just the address that’s holding the 100k transaction for the masternode. The community would prefer that conversations happen on this forum so it’s more easily accounted for and viewable. Thank you :+1:


@Proguerra will be chiming in soon in regards to marketing initiatives.

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Hey NerZee! I’m in the process of writing 2 articles for press releases.
I’m also trying to get with some rather large twitter influencers for some Sys giveaways.
Other than that I’ll be scheduling podcast and AMA with jag and Sys team.
Right now we’ve got it rolling, but once we start announcing AMAs and podcast it would be great for community to help in sharing. I’ll chime back in here on the forum with links to help for RTs and links for telegram ama.

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Among other outlets I will keep followers updated on the forum with the articles we post. Here is a medium article. I just finished another article which we plan to get posted on a crypto website from our press package. Your Retweet support would mean alot! Thanks everyone!


Any info about the airdrop for Syscoin holders to prepare for? When are the AMAs and podcast?

We will be doing a few more giveaways like this. We have an article being released tomorrow.

The airdrop information will come via article by Friday :slight_smile:

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Hello just checking in for some progress updates. How are things in Beatzcoin and VibraVid land?

@Proguerra @BeatzCoin Can we get a small update? How are things progressing?

Hello, things are very development focused. We have the airdrop coming up soon. Please follow our medium.