2020: 12–12 — Syscoin Marketing Team - December Proposal

2020: 12–12 — Syscoin Marketing Team - December Proposal

Syscoin Marketing Team - December Proposal

Project Name: Syscoin Marketing Team
Vote: gobject vote-many fe32a3d32de2958087bd1f51e33ae37c4bff541cdc096e9c43ceb0707ddff41f funding yes


For our general operating costs (PR company, articles, interviews, graphics/videos, staff payments) we are requesting a total of 123,763 SYS.

Important News

Since the amount of available governance funding decreases each month and is now barely covering our costs, the SMT core team has decided to cut wages by 70% until the SYS price is stable above 0.15 USD. We have been taking wage cuts throughout the year, but this drastic measure will allow us to start building a significant war chest, such that we can continue to pay our marketing expenses even if the price remains low for a prolonged period.

We also believe that exchange and wallet integrations take priority now, that is why we are proposing for less funds this round, to make more available to the Foundation to pay for those listings.

Syscoin Brazil will continue to nurture Latin American business opportunities under the SMT flag, creating valuable partnerships in an expanding territory, as well as bringing potential Exchange listings.

What’s Next for the Syscoin Marketing Team?

In addition to the ongoing work by SMT such as social media management, business development, news updates, etc, this month we are focusing on the launch of Syscoin 4.2. Our aim is to get Syscoin and the SPTs added to the major exchanges and wallets from the outset, or very soon after. We are also running a bounty for 4.2 testnet that will help speed up testing and make it more comprehensive.

Trust Token Partership

Thanks to the recent efforts of SMT Business dev team, Syscoin Foundation established a partnership with TrustToken, we managed to get a good coverage of the partnerships.

Community Growth

Syscoin Platform has set goals to have more USDT, BUSD and other stablecoin pairs and listings of Syscoin and SPT’s on the top US and Asia-based exchanges. For these, it is important that we show an active and growing community (Discord, Telegram, Twitter). Community growth is an important criteria to reach these goals.
This is why we have increased our effort to grow the community this past month, and will continue to do so in the coming months. A new team was formed, dedicated to expanding Syscoin awareness into Brazil and Latin America. Our effort to grow our community also includes AMA’s like we recently did with Binance English and Spanish, (social media) giveaways, trading competitions, and more.
Events such as Bitconf 2020 Brazil where Syscoin was represented, and other upcoming (online) events with other industry leaders, will help grow awareness and the community.

Expand digital footprint

Now that the digital footprint of Syscoin is firmly established (Google, Syscoin, Click news, etc) we plan to maintain and expand it with relevant articles and thought-leader pieces that highlight Syscoin, its use cases and developers.
We will also keep an Adwords campaign running to bolster marketing activities. This is the basic foundation we need to maintain for Syscoin Ethereum Bridge and Syscoin Platform itself to remain prominent on the news sites.

Business development, direct outreach

To further promote adoption we will continue reaching out directly to ERC-20 projects, blockchain consultancy and development companies, and other companies that would benefit from using our bridge and platform.


We have run a successful bounty campaign that created a good amount of attention and resulted in two partnerships. Our next plan is to run a simpler bounty that will attract a wider audience towards adopting Syscoin Bridge.


We have a strong focus on education; we have partnered up with Blockgeeks a leading blockchain education platform, and we will educate their users on the Bridge and other Syscoin Platform features using webinars and written guides, ([our first webinar was a great success already!](https://courses.blockgeeks.com/course/introduction-to-syscoin-platform-interoperability-scalability/))
We are currently also looking into other potential partnerships or platforms to optimally deliver education and awareness.

Events and Working Groups

As partners of [2Tokens](https://www.2tokens.org/) and [ITSA](https://itsa.global/) we are joining working groups and events on a regular basis. We will also resume hosting live events with some of our partners when it is possible to do so.

Other Ongoing Work

Redesign of Syshub and Sysnode and integration on Syscoin.org
Inbound sale websites to attract leads to use Syscoin Platform
Provisioning ERC-20 SPT variants

Budget for December

We are requesting 123,763 SYS this coming round of governance funding.

High level overview of SMT monthly expenses:

Item Cost ($)
PR and News outlet push including PR agency 2000
Ongoing SDMT costs 1000
Google adwords 500
Syscoin Brasil/LATAM 2000
Learning platforms modules and promotion 1000
Demo videos and sales decks 1000
SMT Staff and Mod compensation 2100
Business development team compensation 2000
Savings/warchest, due to the fast declining governance 5,000
TOTAL 14600

As always, we will endeavour to pay our suppliers in Syscoin and will prioritise external cost above staff compensation if needed.


To Vote for this combined proposal

  1. Open your Masternode Qt wallet

  2. Select ‘Tools > Debug console’ from the top menu

  3. Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:
    gobject vote-many fe32a3d32de2958087bd1f51e33ae37c4bff541cdc096e9c43ceb0707ddff41f funding yes