2021: 02–02 --- Extending Syslinks

<Extending Syslinks Plus Related Marketing Activities>

Project Proposal

<MooBaa> - <admin1@syscoin.network>

1. General Project Information

Project Name: <Extending Syslinks plus related Marketing Activities>
Project Manager: <Moo Baa>
Link: <link to your proposal on syshub>
Vote: `

  • Open Syscoin-Qt
  • Select Tools > Console from the top menu
  • Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:
    gobject vote-many
    f4e517aa1039561c4338ce261bbfa463167434a87c212b38006fe217342a55e1 funding yes

2. Description

Syslinks is marketed as THE complete and up-to-date link collection for the Syscoin Platform”

Continually updating and maintaining the popular Syslinks link collection at https://syscoin.network/syslinks with any links that become available.

Whenever links are added they are tweeted through the Twitter account @Sysnetsite .
The Twitter account has now a following of more than 200.

Syslinks is continuously adapting to new developments. In order to accommodate new community members, the various categories in Syslinks were rearranged to emphasize the needs of newcomers.

Syslinks seems to have become a popular resource within the Syscoin ecosystem and is used by mods of the telegram chat and also in disord to direct users to the resources needed. The list of “wallets, exchanges and masternode hosting providers are most popular.

Posts on relevant news were created on https://publish0x.com in support and increase awareness of the Syslinks resource and of Syscoin Platform. Content of some of the posts were copied from Syscoin.org (SMT) and other sources with permission by the authors, while others consisted of original writing.

The blog https://www.publish0x.com/drlove (Sysnetsite) on publish0x.com has now more than 495 followers. P osts so far have generated more than 80k views in total on this crypto friendly platform.

The following were posted since the last proposal passed:

Views: 4322, Likes 103, Dislikes 2
Published: 1/28/21

Views: 1749, Likes 25, Dislikes 0

Published: 2/5/21

Views: 3267, Likes: 85, Dislikes 2
Published: 2/11/21

Views: 3684, Likes: 109, Dislikes 1
Published 2/17/21

This current proposal was submitted for six months in total and this is month # 4. In case an additional proposal is submitted upon the conclusion of this current proposal, the funding amount sought will be substantially reduced as Syscoin tokens have risen in value.

3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)

Status Time Budget Risks
**RAG Status Guideline**
Status Time Budget Risks
Green: Key milestones are met and critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is < 10% of lifetime cost. No risk is reported Amber or Red.
Amber: One or several key milestones cannot be met but critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is 10%-20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Amber and none is reported as Red.
Red: One or several key milestones cannot be met. Critical path and delivery end date are affected. Cost variance is >= 20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Red.

4. Overall Status


5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period

<See Description>

6. Time

<Checking all relevant sources for any additional links or changes>

7. Budget

<SYS 4567>

8. Risks

<risk planning>