2021: 05--05 --- SMT May Proposal

Syscoin Marketing Team - May Proposal

Project Name: Syscoin Marketing Team

Vote: gobject_vote_many e21a28cd71beba081727af9ef56c5ebd43a98b0b4fd0e607c5326ce14618afc6 funding yes

For our general operating costs (PR Company, Articles, Interviews, Graphics/Videos, Staff Payments) we are requesting a total of 183,129 SYS.

What’s Next for the Syscoin Marketing Team?

In addition to the ongoing work by SMT such as social media management, business development, and news updates, we will focus on:


With Syscoin LUX bringing a new NFT platform to the table, we have a host of opportunities to increase adoption and market Syscoin, especially with the fast-growing popularity of NFTs. When the NFT creation tool is completed, we will start with social media promotion campaigns that will demonstrate the ease and low cost of creating and sending NFTs on Syscoin. There is an increasing interest from projects and individuals to use Syscoin LUX for their NFT projects. SMT will filter out the promising ideas and assist them where possible.

Short what is …. And how to…… video’s

We have been meaning to create short simple explainer videos for a long time, now that Syscoin LUX is out and interest in Syscoin is rising we thought this is the perfect timing to start creating them. In June we will release the first two videos for community feedback, and when successful our idea is to scale it up to weekly videos. Including bi-weekly Syscoin Platform video updates.

Community Growth

White Sock Squad

As many of you know we started 2021 with a new initiative called White Sock Squad.
We want to show outsiders we have an active and loyal group of Syscoin investors and enthusiasts, and that our numbers are growing by the day! Exchanges and other services are heavily focused on community size and, often more so, engagement. With this in mind, we want to provide everyone with a way to help maximize our social media engagement. White Socks Squad (WSS) has been formed with the goal of increasing community participation to push Syscoin’s market exposure as far as we can. We will expand the scope of WSS in the coming months.

Besides WSS we are working on other means to grow all our channels, and with Succes.

The number of Twitter followers grew by 9891 in May.

PR and Influencers

At the moment we have paused the collaboration with our PR agency, we will resume this by the end of June. In the meantime, we are getting more and more influencers on board, mostly on Twitter to help us spread all the features Syscoin has to offer.

Budget for April/May

We are requesting 183,129 SYS this coming round of governance funding.

High-level overview of SMT monthly expenses

Social Media Influencers and
News Outlet PR                                $6000 USD
Ongoing SMT costs                             $1000 USD
Google Adwords                                $500  USD
Syscoin Brasil/LATAM                          $2000 USD
WSS Bounty Fund                               $6000 USD
Syscoin Videos                                $1000 USD
SMT Staff and Mod Compensation                $7000 USD
Business Development Team Compensation        $500  USD
NFT Social Media Promotion                    $2500 USD

TOTAL $26,500 USD

Please keep in mind that due to the fork, last month we did not receive any governance, we used our reserve funds for the last month. A part of this month’s governance will be used to refill the reserve.

Voting For This Proposal

To vote in support of this proposal:

  • Vote from Syscoin-Qt
    • Open Syscoin-Qt
    • Select Tools > Console from the top menu
    • Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:
      gobject_vote_many e21a28cd71beba081727af9ef56c5ebd43a98b0b4fd0e607c5326ce14618afc6 funding yes

Thank you all for your continued support,
Syscoin Marketing Team.