2021: 05--05 --- Syscoin Rebrand MN Vote - How does community feel about rebranding with new EVM?


Syscoin Rebrand Community Vote

This is a pure voting proposal to see how the community feels about potentially rebranding the project from “Syscoin” to something different. This could range from something simple to “SYS” or “SYS Platform” to something completely new and different.

Dan Wasyluk - dwasyluk@blockchainfoundry.com

1. General Project Information

Project Name: Syscoin Rebrand MN Vote
Project Manager: Dan Wasyluk
Link: N/A
Vote: gobject_vote_many 03cebdccbf60652eacbada1a4ad2b8827c553dfd8c48139f7b063117bc063cfd funding yes

2. Description

This is a pure voting proposal to see how the community feels about potentially rebranding the project from “Syscoin” to something different. This could range from something simple to “SYS” or “SYS Platform” to something completely new and different.

There have been a lot of very positive core dev and ecosystem developments but I feel like some of the innovations may be getting lost in the ‘old coin syndrome’. Rebrands are very time-consuming and costly undertakings but with all of the innovations going into Syscoin it may be worth considering in order to attract new eyes and appear as a more ‘cutting edge’ project even though its purely optics- we all know Syscoin is cutting edge.

This proposal isn’t requesting any funds. This is a request for community feedback from holders, as proven by masternode vote. If this vote passes there will be followup proposals to better scope and define the goals, timeline, and costs related to a rebrand.

3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)


4. Overall Status

Seeking feedback.

5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period


6. Time


7. Budget

0.00000001 SYS (cannot create 0 SYS proposals)

8. Risks



An excellent idea I think, it can give us a fresh marketing start.


Yes, syscoin def need a drop of fresh water.
I’m in.


Thought I’d drop my two sys here for posterity.

I’m glad it’s being put to the community this time to see how people feel about things. For me a major pro in a full rebrand (new name, non-Sys related) would be the brand new start on SEO. Some people have mentioned the years of SEO as a positive, and I’m sure this argument was made a couple of years ago when the Sys team was deciding on whether to rebrand or not last time, but this is a mistaken belief in my view. Five or so years of “Syscoin is a blockchain with a marketplace”, “Syscoin has aliases and certificates” and old Syscoin logos that never seem to disappear no matter how many websites (dozens) I emailed to get them to update shows how old SEO can be a detriment when a project changes direction. Unfortunately, after the redesign of Sys as a token platform there are now two years of beneficial SEO added to the previous five so the SEO argument is really a pro and a con whatever happens. In balance I’d see it as more of a pro though. It would essentially advertise to anyone and everyone that Syscoin has unequivocally changed into something new and people searching for the new name wouldn’t be finding muddied info about what Syscoin used to be and what it is now. It can be used to show a fresh start and a new direction clearly, with no more of the “Syscoin? lol isn’t that the marketplace coin?”

The above is the main argument for rebranding in my opinion, and as long as the costs to do it aren’t insane I think it’d be a great new start for Syscoin.


Overall, I’m in favor of a rebrand.

“Syscoin”, while it does have that OG ring to it, in itself does not do us much good considering our market cap ranking. The combination of the two gives an impression that we are an old stagnant project, which we are anything but. If the project were considered a staple of the crypto landscape “Syscoin” would be fine - indeed an asset. But we are not, except among true crypto nerds. :nerd_face:

While the Syscoin brand does carry positive aspects, a long history of quality dev work and deliveries, the name itself is a detraction in the eyes of newcomers of which we know there are and will be many, many more. It does carry some baggage like the ever-creeping “Decentralized Marketplace” tagline, and multiple logos floating around despite constant effort to have third-parties adjust.

Fact is, if we rebrand, OGs that matter will still know who we are.

As one of our Syscoin OGs mentioned to me, we should choose a unique name that isn’t in a dictionary or encyclopedia. This way we have SEO dominance on our brand.


Just rebrand into SYS - and forget about the coin!
It is good enough!
Saves countless hours of work and a lot of funds that simply have
to come from somewhere! Definitely not an easy job!

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I’d be in favor for it. I saw what happened when Klever rebranded. It gave them new life. I don’t have any ideas for a rebrand with Syscoin but if it happens and it’s marketed well it can make an immediate impact.