2021: 05--05 --- SysLinks & More

SysLinks & More

Project Proposal


1. General Project Information

Project Name: `Syslinks & more

Project Manager: <MooBaa>
Email: admin1@syscoin.network
Link: <link to your proposal on syshub>

Vote: gobject_vote_many 2b7237228cfe0ffcec3c6439dfd4ab10c2749351cf2e7d36ae74bb65bba4ab3d funding yes

2. Description

This proposal is in regard to extending Syslinks, a community resource that is based on the website https://syscoin.network/ with its primary webpage https://syscoin.network/syslinks that maintains and updates daily all relevant links for the Syscoin Platform.
It thus serves as a resource used by the community, marketing and developers alike and as all added links are tweeted using @sysnesite (270+ followers) it serves for marketing. This month, navigation was finally improved so that each of the categories can easily be found without scrolling (anchor links).

In addition, in order to exend the reach of Syslinks and to supplement existing official website, the page https://syscoin.network/sysheadlines was added, which will become an additional resource for making Syscoin more accessible for newbies. While still in development, a resource that provides daily updates on headlines is a much needed marketing resource.

More content is planned for the website in order to turn it into a prominent marketing force for Syscoin!

In addition, the blog of https://publish0x.com/drlove serve as an additional marketing
channel that directly supports both https://syscoin.network/syslinks and the official channels such as https://syscoin.org, Syscoin Discord and more. This blog has more than 600 followers. In total and generated approx 70K views in total by now.. The number of views of all posts within the last 30 days amounted to 15’860 views in total.

Here is a list with numbers post with views generated in the past two month:

4030 Views/ 87 Likes

4000+views/99 Likes

5500+ view /105 Likes

1700+views/ 23 Likes

Due to a missed superblock due to the upgrade to Syscoin 4.2. last month, this current proposal requests a one-time amount of 10K Syscoin.


3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)

Status Time Budget Risks
**RAG Status Guideline**
Status Time Budget Risks
Green: Key milestones are met and critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is < 10% of lifetime cost. No risk is reported Amber or Red.
Amber: One or several key milestones cannot be met but critical path and delivery end date are not affected. Cost variance is 10%-20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Amber and none is reported as Red.
Red: One or several key milestones cannot be met. Critical path and delivery end date are affected. Cost variance is >= 20% of lifetime cost. At least one risk is reported as Red.

4. Overall Status

<status description>

5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period

<Continual work>

6. Time

<time planning>

7. Budget

<10000 Sys>

8. Risks

<risk planning>