2022: 02-10 - Blockchain Foundry Syscoin Protocol Development

Blockchain Foundry Inc - Core Syscoin Protocol Development for the next 8 months

Blockchain Foundry’s development team wants to take Syscoin to the next level over the coming months. We want to rapidly push forward Syscoin’s development while also exploring parallel initiatives that could further improve Layer 1 speeds and user experience through utilizing the Syscoin Masternode network.

Dan Wasyluk - dwasyluk@blockchainfoundry.com

1. General Project Information

Project Name: Syscoin Core Development
Project Manager: Jag Sidhu (with input from Dan Wasyluk)
Link: N/A
Vote: TBD

2. Description

Dev Team:

  • Jag (Full Time - Lead, Visionary, Architect)
  • Dan (Part Time - Management, Architectural Feedback)
  • 3 Full Time Senior Blockchain/Fullstack Developers

Blockchain Foundry is a long standing core-contributor and maintainer of the Syscoin protocol. As Syscoin matures into a smart-chain the hope is that the increased awareness being driven by marketing (run by other groups) and new functionality will also further grow the pool of developers helping to improve and mature the protocol making it truly the best blockchain available.

Growing the developer ecosystem will take time. This proposal is intended for Blockchain Foundry Inc. to continue to provide development support to Syscoin at a core protocol level, giving the larger development community time to grow without slowing down Syscoin protocol development. The costs being requested will cover BCF’s 4 full-time dedicated Senior Blockchain/Full Stack Developers who focus on Syscoin internally (at cost). Syscoin onboarded by Blockchain Foundry is primarily allocated to masternodes in further support of the network and to create long-term alignment with Syscoin value growth.

Over the coming months, Blockchain Foundry aims to help in developing the following components for the Syscoin ecosystem. This list is not exhaustive and may have items added or removed from it as the specifics of what is required to deliver the most performant and efficient blockchain system are finalized:

  • Development of infrastructural components required to support the Layer 2 ecosystem and the related crypto-economic incentives- Sequencers, Batching Microservices, etc.
  • Packaging and publishing of these systems to allow for the community to easily self-deploy, contributing to the decentralization of the network as a whole (docker images, GitHub scripts, etc.)
  • User experiences and APIs that will reduce the friction in moving from Layer 1 to Layer 2 and back; for both standard tokens and for NFTs.
  • Research and development into improving the Layer 1 transaction speed while still allowing for fast confirmations (chainlocks)
  • Standard ecosystem support
  • Staying up-to-date with both Ethereum and Bitcoin GitHub code repositories

3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)


4. Overall Status

Discussion and Feedback

5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period


6. Time

8 months

7. Budget

800,000 SYS

8. Risks

None. Blockchain Foundry will commit to the 8 months of development regardless of Syscoin price.

9. Vote For Us!

To vote in support of this proposal:

  1. Vote in Syscoin-Qt
  2. Open Syscoin-Qt
  3. Select Tools > Console from the top menu
  4. Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:
    gobject_vote_many f9f9f65bb4a476235c82ae3d544679808ffb4efe9f198c2345f95977b2586899 funding yes

Thank you for your support.

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