4.X.X to 4.1.X --- Upgrade Guide

Back up FIRST!

  1. Based on your OS, locate your wallet.dat within your Data Folder. This file contains your private key information so please back up this file before proceeding.
  • For Windows, the Data Folder is located at

  • For Linux, the Data Folder is located at

  • For MacOS, the Data Folder is located at
    ~/Library/Application Support/Syscoin

  1. Copy the wallet.dat to somewhere safe

Linux + MacOS

On Linux and MacOS, you can choose to use the pre-built binary or build from source code:

Compiling from source code

If you ran 4.0.3 before, please do the following first before checking out the latest code:

cd ~/syscoin
git checkout v4.0.3
sudo make uninstall
make clean

This uninstalls the 4.0.3 binaries from /usr/local/bin and then clean up the repo.

Proceed as usual after:

git checkout v4.1.3
sudo make install


On Windows, please download the pre-built binaries.
If you used the installer for installing 4.0.3 before, you’ll need to uninstall 4.0.3 first.
If you can’t locate the uninstaller, go to Settings -> Apps & Features and locate Syscoin Core and click on Uninstall.
The uninstallation process will not remove your Syscoin data directory.

After Syscoin 4.0.x is uninstalled, please proceed to installing 4.1.x normally


Masternode install/upgrade script can be found here:


  1. If getblockchaininfo shows that geth_sync_status stuck at waiting, check if the following processes are running:
  • If sysrelayer.nod is not running, please find the Installation Folder for Syscoin Core.

  • Default Installation Folders are found here:
    Windows: C:\Program Files\Syscoin
    MacOS: /Applications/Syscoin-Qt.app/Contents/MacOS/
    Linux: /usr/local/bin

  1. Check if a file named scrypt.node exists in your Installation Folder. If yes, remove this file and restart Syscoin.

  2. If syncing stops altogether, delete your geth folder from within your Data Folder and re-syc from scratch.

  3. No Peers: If you have issues finding peers add:
    to your syscoin.conf file which can be found in your Data Folder.

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