All my sys are in Qt default wallet


Just a general question here. So, i run 2 mn using allnodes services. All my syscoin are in Qt default wallet, i haven’t created other wallet inside Qt.

So, will this create problem in future when i withdraw some of my syscoin from Qt? For example, if i withdraw 50k sys will i lose both of my mn?

Your collateral is locked via the MN.conf file and it will not allow you to withdraw this
If you go to ‘Send-Inputs’ you will see a ‘lock’ icon next to your collateral TX.

This is TESTNET but the same applies on Main

i just used the send-input and send few sys from my Qt to other address and it went through. All i had to do was to put my passphrase.
How do i open collateral one?

Btw thank you for your help!

If you want to spend any of your 100k you just need to remove the line from your MN.conf, bear in mind this will stop your MN and any seniority gained will be lost forever

Thanks for the info John!
I wasn’t planning to sell. Just wanted to understand how it works:)