Assetupdate tx confirmed but asset is never updated


I have sent multiple assetupdate transactions. All confirmed, but none have had any effect.

Order of events leading to this point:

  1. assetnew, accidentally included leading 0x in contract field (“I’ll correct that later”)
  2. assetsend full supply to original token owner address
  3. assetallocationburn full supply
  4. assetupdate to correct contract field (fails)

Here is my assetupdate command:

syscoin-cli assetupdate “490411102” “FunFair Interchain Token” “419D0d8BdD9aF5e606Ae2232ed285Aff190E711b” “0” “31” {} “”

Not sure whether I’ve done something wrong in the process or if this is a bug.

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What’s the response you got from that command?


Looks like a bug. I was able to update another field (public_value), but not contract. Contract is not accounted for among the fields in the raw transaction data despite its inclusion in the assetupdate parameters:

decoderawtransaction (segment):

“systx”: {
“txtype”: “assetupdate”,
“asset_guid”: 490411102,
“symbol”: “FUNx”,
“txid”: “16f9ecef01e4273c48919dd8fa62d4564cba1af24f25244fa7a8f36019946823”,
“height”: 0,
“public_value”: “{“description”:“Test Interchain Token”}”,
“sender”: “sys1qn5ls49y3lsglzzu2m4dmdprny0zx4s228ewq4n”,
“update_flags”: 31,
“blockhash”: “0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000”

Also of interest is whether update-ability of auxfees is (or should be) switchable with flags. It is currently not included among bitmask descriptions in the assetupdate help text

I will create GitHub issues for both of these.

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