Block market 1.1.4 to current

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    I am completely CONFUSED !!! I Have an older PC windows 7 and WAS using block market 1.1.4…The app loads , I can unlock my wallet , but not send anything to my new coinomi wallet after putting in SEND address. I do not see any type of block market support tabs and ALL the conversations I read so far ,are to technical to comprehend ( I am too old I guess ). I loaded block market 1.1.4 on a DIFFERENT PC , windows 11 . It also loads but there is no SIGN IN tab…how do I get it to recognize me , to get to my ACCOUNT. I Am not entirely sure how to back up my wallet on OLDER PC ,so I am avoiding updates on it , let alone should they be BLOCK MARKET 3.0 , or should they be SYSCOIN 2 OR 3 , or are they the same thing , or what? If I could get it working on newer PC ( block market 1.1.4), I could then try updates , knowing my wallet is still secure on older PC . Probably should have never pretended to act like I knew what I was doing…H E L P. PLS