Bridge NEVM -> SYSX tx was sent to Syscoin Core Wallet address

I tried to send my SYS from NEVM to Syscoin Core Wallet.
While using NEVM → SYSX bridge as a Syscoin receiving Address I provided my Core Wallet address.
And my SYSX tokens were sent to core Wallet address.
Now I’m not able to use SYSX → SYS bridge to burn SYSX and get SYS - when I press burn bridge connects to PaliWallet only (so no Core Wallet address with SYSX is available for selection).

Any chance to get SYSX → SYS bridge to connect to Core Wallet address or maybe any way to transfer SYSX token from Core Wallet address to PaliWallet address for future burn and getting SYS?

Has this been resolved? If not, I invite you to step into Discord and open a ticket, we can have more interaction there.

No. I tried to use cli to manage assest in CoreWallet Use Syscoin 4.2 Tokens | Syscoin Docs
Run syscoind and got it fully synced.
But syscoin-cli assetinfo 1965866356 get my error “Failed to read from asset DB”

syscoin-cli assetinfo 1965866356
error code: -20
error message:
Failed to read from asset DB

And now I’m stuked