Changing the VPS

My VPS contract is about to expire and I would like to change the server, which means I will have to stop the one I am running now.
There is also a slight problem with the fact that my laptop where I had my QT wallet broke and I never reinstalled it since the MN was paying. Still I have my wallet.dat and my VPS setup info saved safely.
What steps would you advice me to take in order to:

  1. Not loose seniority
  2. Reinstall VPS on the new server + reinstall QT on a new computer.

Thanks in advance !

  1. Install QT 4.1.3 and sync
  2. Close QT copy your saved wallet.dat and masternode.config into the data folder
  3. Amend masternode.cofig with new IP
  4. run script with the same MN key you used before on new VPS
  5. Initialize MN in QT console
    As you are using the same TX seniority remains