Discord invitation link

Hi again!

I’m really sorry to be bothering you with another open topic, and I hope I’m not braking any rules!! I’m pretty lost.

I was told Discord is the best place to get support for SYScoin but I don’t know how to get invitation link to access it? When I’m in SYScoin Discord support channel it’s saying that I don’t have permission to write in this channel :man_shrugging:

Is this you GregorM#4006

yes, tha’s me. what should i do next?

You didnt complete the capcha correctly
I will manually give you the role
Try now

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Now it looks like I’m in! I will need some time to get the feel for Discord, and will ask the question I have there once I (hopefuly) know what I’m doing. A big thank you again!

I manage to solve my problem on Discord. Please feel free to delete all my support topics in here that I opened in the past few days. They are probably all useless for anyone else