DumpPrivKey Clarification

QT wallet question, if someone wouldn’t mind: Is dumping wallet priv key sufficient for recovery and navigation of a new wallet if needed? Context: Someone advised that I should be doing a dumprivkey for every address I generate within the wallet, otherwise I’d have to search through a thousand addresses in the newly generated QT to find which ones contain actual sys. (I’m sure I could’ve worded this better)

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You dont need to dump every key just backup your wallet.dat and update it occasionally. You can see which address has Sys using Send-Inputs


The wallet.dat can contain a lot of change addresses. Backing up one address will only save the tokens on that address and not the tokens on any of the change addresses. It’s always best to back upt the entire wallet.dat as it will contain all of your private keys.


What is the best way to go for this. Console or backup wallet within the QT interface below the tab File? And if within Console, which commands and to which directory will it be backed up? Can you open this file with a texteditor or is that not wise?

Another question regarding this; if I purchase a new labtop, install 4.2. over time, how can I import with this file all my coins?