EasySwap, transaction to metamask lost

Bridge EasySwap: I have 2 transactions that came out of the Pali Wallet but don’t make it to Metamask. I pass the TxHash:

ccdb429106998c60097b9caa7b588323e6c508b9bf2a646ac2118ed6be17a755 (1200 SYS)
fb3c71638b4a155b91f461346d3e181cd306085276a99c731d000a9817e7c0ec (1800 SYS)

If load this in CheckSwap appears “Syscoin paymente not found” but i have funds.
In addition, I already have other transactions carried out without problems.

Hola, sabes si estas reclamaciones sirven para algo? yo también tengo el mismo problema. Gracias, un saludo.

The problems that have happened with the EasySwap, are attended and resolved by opening a Ticket in the Discord.