EasySwap, transaction to metamask lost

Bridge EasySwap: I have 2 transactions that came out of the Pali Wallet but don’t make it to Metamask. I pass the TxHash:

ccdb429106998c60097b9caa7b588323e6c508b9bf2a646ac2118ed6be17a755 (1200 SYS)
fb3c71638b4a155b91f461346d3e181cd306085276a99c731d000a9817e7c0ec (1800 SYS)

If load this in CheckSwap appears “Syscoin paymente not found” but i have funds.
In addition, I already have other transactions carried out without problems.

Hola, sabes si estas reclamaciones sirven para algo? yo también tengo el mismo problema. Gracias, un saludo.