Error Syncing, tried suggested recovery steps, no luck?

on Mac 10.15.7 catalina

Syscoin wallet v4.1.3.0-c56a9e7fc

stuck for days on syncing headers and progress. both show different values (headers 88.8, and progress 93.25%)

I tried the following “Go to The Syscoin data directory Find a file called syscoin.conf in it if it doesn’t exist, create it it is/needs to be a plain text file Open it with the most basic text editor (not word processor) you can find Windows: Notepad Mac: TextEdit Linux: You got this Add a line reindex=1, save the file Restart your Syscoin client Remove the line from the file again”

When i opened the syscoin.conf file in the mac text editor, there was no text in the file. I tried adding reindex=1 to the file and saving and restarting with no luck.

Any ideas How I can get back connected? I’m running 2 masternodes, and they have been offline a while.

Quickest way.

Shut down Qt
Rename syscoin dir to syscoin2
Restart qt and let sync
Shut down qt and copy wallet.dat and masternode.conf over to new syscoin folder created.
Restart qt.

So I continue to have this problem where headers stop syncing. Is this user error? What am I doing wrong? I tried to follow the same steps outlined this time to resync again, but things look different. How can I keep this from continuing to happen? Thoughts? Also, I thought I may be able to fix this by doing a ‘reindex’ but when I open the package contents I don’t see what I think I’m supposed to be seeing. There aren’t that many files at all? (see attached images)