Got bad Masternode payment signature

These messages are in my logs, what do these mean exactly?
Is there any documentation I can use to interpret the messages?

2020-12-10T07:08:26Z ERROR: CMasternodePaymentVote::CheckSignature -- Got bad Masternode payment signature, signaturehash=d5d911f96, hash=b599e2b968605b1f55447c8, vote=ecaafd5618928-0, 796665, 150684, OP_DUP OP_HASH160 3dd0a8456702f OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG, 65, error: Keys don't match: pubkey=7732bf6a977bc9, pubkeyFromSig=9848202ab6a80, signaturehash=d5d99911f96, vchSig=HPOqEUJWEO6FngRdZSgWtkNY8=

these are not the actual hashes in my logs

All the issues you’re having really resemble what happens when there’s a mismatch between your controller’s masternode.conf and the masternode host’s syscoin.conf.

Yes I think the issue with the masternode was that the QT wallet 4.1.3 cannot init, some known bug, when we did it via the command line it came alive!

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Ahhh! That bug has been fixed, but the fix has not yet been implemented. Will be implemented in 4.2 expected Q1 2021.

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