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Syscoin governance proposal guidelines

This category is the place for the presentation and discussion of governance-funded projects.

How to present a proposal

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  1. Pre-proposal discussion

    In order to give your proposal the best chance of passing. It’s usually a good idea to run your proposal past the community before submitting it.
    The way to do this is by posting a new topic here in the Governance category.
    If you need a quick response you can also join the #syscoin channel in our discord.

    Reasons for a pre-proposal discussion

    Pre-discussion is important for the following reasons:

    • To make sure you have filled in everything correctly
    • Find out if someone has proposed something similar in the past
    • Gauge community enthusiasm for the proposal
    • Gauge community response to the level of funding requested for the proposal
    • Meet and greet, show you are approachable and open to discussion from the outset.

    If you are requesting a large amount of funding, you are more likely to succeed if you break up your proposal to smaller multi-month payments. Your proposal can gain or lose votes each month, so you will need to show the community your progress and maintain effective communication and community engagement in order to continue to achieve funding each month.

    Before entering your proposal on the blockchain, check how many proposals already exist for the current budget cycle. If it is likely to become very crowded or if some proposals are requesting a significant portion of the budget, voting is likely to be very competitive with weaker projects being forced out of the budget, even if they collect sufficient votes to pass the 10% threshold. Discuss in the Syscoin community wiki governance section.

  2. Proposal submission
    • All proposals should be presented here in the Governance category and submitted via www.syshub.org.

      • Please use the your proposal topic here to describe your project and link to it from syshub. To facilitate convenient voting, you may want to link your syshub proposal from your topic here as well.
    • Proposals should have a title followed by a description which is clear and concise.

    • The objectives of the project should be stated and should explain the following:

      • How much Syscoin will be required to complete the project, and how did you arrive at this valuation? Please provide as much detail as possible how these funds will be used.
      • Does your proposal make use of Syscoin blockchain technology? If so, which features are you planning to use? For example payments, ZDAG, Syscoin platform tokens (SPT’s), or bridge tech.
      • What is the benefit of your proposal to the Syscoin ecosystem?
  3. Successful proposal responsibilities

    Regular updates

    In the interest of the Syscoin community, GMG requests that you post monthly updates on your progress in your proposal topic.
    Images/video of any working software and live demos of websites are also encouraged. Remember, your ability to pass future proposals depends on your demonstrated ability to deliver and communicate.

    Completing your project

    Let the community know when you have completed the project and show evidence of this in your proposal topic.
    Provided the community is happy with your work, you are now released from monthly updates. But if you make any further additions to the project or wish to apply for further funding to extend the project please come and let us know.

Reasons to return funds

We understand that sometimes unexpected life events may prevent you from completing your proposal project in a reasonable amount of time. In this case, please inform the GMG and return the funds to the Syscoin foundation at this address: sys1qnmp9aew5x2djeld2w7m8c97t8a3497d5f4c3yc. You may contact any member of the GMG directly if you do not wish to discuss circumstances in a public forum. No judgement.

If the community as a whole is unhappy with your work, the GMG will let you know and request a return of the funds.

Additional points

  • If your proposal is for news, promotion or marketing, make sure you synchronise your efforts with the Syscoin Development and Marketing team (SDMT) in #marketing on discord or here in the Syscoin community wiki.
  • You are responsible for your own planning to hedge against price volatility.
  • If you plan to reward masternode operators / syscoin holders for their support in future please be clear on how this will be achieved in the proposal.
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