Have syscoin wallet since 08.2014

I have join the ico in augst.2014.And send some coin to the exchange.And I remeber i still have some coin in the wallet.And from then,I don’t open the wallet client anymore.
Now i only have the file wallet.dat.
I used way to find the coin.
1.Use syscoin core 2.1.6 dumpwallet.
2.Rename the syscoin file name.
3.Open syscoin core 4.1.3.Full synced.
But the balance is zero.
Please help me.Thanks.

Can somebody help me.

Before you did the dumpwallet, did it show any transactions and any coins?

None transactions,and zero coins.
The cilent is not synced.

A 2014 wallet.dat would have been a SYS 1 wallet not Sys2 so that would not work
Unfortunately as it was so long ago i cannot remember the procedure to update it.
Do you know what Sys address you had

I had transactioned the coin to MintPal,But the exchange is closed.
Is there a SYS1 Blockchain Explorer,I think i can find my syscoin address.I had transactioned syscoin from MintPal to Bittrex,and I had the TxId.

MintPal is gone and all coins on there are gone too.
If you had coins on Bittrex, they took care to transfer them to the actual chain.
If you transferred coins directly from MintPal to Bittrex, they never touched your wallet.dat.

Thought your question was about coins you still had in your local wallet.dat?

Yes,My question is about coin in my local wallet.dat.
I mean if there is a SYS1 Blockchain Explorer,I can find my Syscoin address.

The blockchain for SYS1 is dead since many years and it would not really help you if you find that address. You could see the coins but not get access to them.
The Syscoin address is only the public key.
You need the private key stored in your wallet to access the coins.
You need to open that wallet.dat with a Syscoin core version for SYS1.
I believe the latest of that line was v1.5.1.1 from 30.04.2015.
It does not need to synchronize (it can’t since the chain is not active anymore).
You still can see the transactions the wallet has recorded, the keys and the amount of coins.

Sorry,I can’t find the client on github.
Where to download the v1.5.1.1 client.

I don’t have an official download link either, sorry.
You would have to compile it yourself from one of the old sources that are still under releases.

I still have v1.5.1 in my archive (from what I remember v1.5.1.1 was a special interim version for some people that had problems with the move to v2)
BUT I am not an official source.
I can give it to you but it will your responsibility to do all necessary checks and precautions.
Think of me as an unknown source for that program.

I have find V1.5.1.1 on github.
But it still shows zero coins.,and out of sync.
What can i do next.

My wallet.dat file is only 88kb,and modify time is 18.08.2014.

Does it show any transactions at all?

No transactions.

Think you need to start from the beginning as you would have created a ‘syscoin’ folder when you ran Sys4 which may be messing things up.

Always use a copy of your original backup though, so i would do

  1. Rename any existing ‘syscoin’ folder in \AppData\Roaming
  2. Run the Sys1 QT, this will create a new ‘syscoin’ data structure, close QT
  3. Replace the newly created wallet.dat with a copy of your saved wallet.dat
  4. Open Sys1 QT and carry out the dumpwallet procedure, it will not sync
  5. Close QT and rename ‘syscoin’ folder to ‘syscoin1’
  6. Run QT 4.1.3 this will create a new ‘syscoin’ data structure
  7. Import the dumpfile created above

I run the Sys1 QT(V1.5.1.1),use the command dumpwallet,
it shows “Method not found (code -32601)”.

I use dumpprivkey in the Sys1 QT(V1.5.1.1),get a key.
And use importprivkey (the key above)in the QT 4.1.3,
it shows “Invalid private key encoding (code -5)”.