Help Recovering Ver 1 Syscoin From 2014 Wallet

Hello everyone! Good to see the Syscoin Community alive and well in 2021! I discovered SYS shortly after launch in 2014, but left the crypto space shortly after. Which brings me to my issue…

I found my original SYS (ver 1) wallet.dat on a backup drive and remembered having kept a few coins before going “offline” (Mintpal may have had something to do with it…) I was able to get my hands on a download of the client (last on original chain I think) and loaded the wallet. The client DOES show an unconfirmed balance. Obviously there is no chain data and no way to sync, so the amount will remain unconfirmed. Assuming it’s actually there, I want to migrate the balance to the current chain.

The original client did not include a “dumpwallet” console command. However, I was able to dump the private key for the two addresses (Sxxx… format) that received the SYS balance. I then downloaded Ver 2 of the client and imported the keys. This added two addresses to the wallet, both 1xxx… format. The ver 2 client shows a zero balance, but I assume this is to be expected since the client can’t sync chain data.

From here, I followed the Medium guides posted throughout this forum for upgrading from ver 2/3 to current ver 4. Dump wallet, rename/delete folder data, new install, import wallet, etc. The process goes smoothly, but the end result is always the same. Keys/addresses (new format) show in ver 4 wallet, but zero balance. Yes, sync is complete.

So, I need help/ideas. I have a couple of theories:

1- The coins were spent and no longer in the migrated addresses. This is unlikely because (a) I remembered having the balance in 2014, and (b) the last time I opened the wallet before going offline for 6+ years, the wallet had a balance.

2- Because the balance is unconfirmed, are the coins sitting in a change address? I would then need either the change address private key, or enough chain data to confirm the balance. A problem since the client can’t sync, nor does it have a “dumpwallet” feature (only dumpkey, which requires me to know the change address).

I’m open to any ideas, thoughts or suggestions!

Answers are in ticket 186

Do you mean Discord Support Ticket? I can no longer see the ticket I had created there.

Sorry, I’m still figuring out protocol around here :sweat_smile:

Okay, update: I found the reply to Ticket 186 saying I could import directly from v1 to v4; however, when I try to import a private key from v1.5.1.1 into 4.1.3, I get “Invalid private key encoding (code -5)”. The private key from my v1 wallet starts with a “V”. Didn’t ver2/3 start with different letters? Same with send/receive addresses?