How to make sure your masternode collateral is locked in QT

Accidentally moving your collateral is a big pain. When it happens, not only does your masternode go offline, it also loses any accumulated seniority! The good news is it’s very easy to make sure that never happens. You just need to make sure your collateral transaction is locked!

To prevent your collateral funds from being used when a transaction is made, there is an option to lock specific UTXOs/transactions.

In order to set the lock, we must have the option “Coin control functions” activated in the QT options.

  1. We go to “Settings” > "Options"

Captura de pantalla 2023-07-11 a las 21.04.04

  1. In the “Wallet” tab and activate “Enable coin control features”.

  1. We note that in the “Send” tab, we will have a new “Coin Control Features” section.

Click on “Inputs”.

  1. We unfold to see all the transactions in our Wallet, and right-click on the transaction that contains the 100,000 SYS.

Click on "Lock unspent"

  1. Now this transaction will show a lock, and this balance will not be used when we make transactions.


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