How to Manually Submit a Syscoin Governance Proposal


  1. Have a syscoind instance ready
  2. The syscoind wallet should have more than 250 SYS
  3. Have this window open
  4. And also this


  1. Copy this string as a template

[["proposal",{"type":1,"name":"myproposal","title":"This is My Proposal","description":"","nPayment":1,"first_epoch": 1597392652,"start_epoch": 1597392652,"end_epoch": 1600071052,"payment_address":"sys1qwjs7acmk07xtwgrr36e4dtcvngp7c7ckskd2z3","payment_amount":120000,"url":""}]]

  1. Replace the following:

  2. Change name to your project name

  3. Change title to your proposal title

  4. Change nPayment to number of payment you wanted

  5. Change first_epoch to the current time in epoch (use link in pre-req step 3)

  6. Change end_epoch to the current time + x month

    • Should match your nPayment. For example if today is August 10, and you’re requesting a single payment, the end_epoch should be Sept 10
  7. Change payment_address to your receiving address

  8. Change payment_amount to the amount you want to receive every month

  9. Change url to your project URL page on

  10. Using the string to hex converter, convert the modified string into hex

  11. Run the following command in your syscoind console to check the syntax validity of your proposal. Should return “object status”: “OK”

gobject check [hex string]

  1. Run the following command to pay for your proposal

gobject prepare 0 1 [current_epoch] [hex string]

  1. The current_epoch time can just be the same as the first_epoch from previous step

  2. This command will take 250SYS from your wallet and returns you a TXID

  3. After about 6 confirmations (~6 minutes), take that gobject prepare string and change the prepare to submit and then add the TXID you just got to the end so it looks like this

gobject submit 0 1 [current_epoch] [hex string] [txid]

  1. Hit enter and you should get another hex string back. This is your gobject id
  2. Wait for a few minutes and you should be able to see your gobject via the following command

gobject get [gobject id]

  1. The gobject id is what you need for people to vote on. Command to vote is the following:

gobject vote-many [gobject id] funding yes

  1. Done