Imported old wallet doesn't show my balance

Hello, i have problem with my wallet. I sent to my wallet syscoin 2.9.2019 at 17:30. After deposit I did backup my wallet.dat (2.9.2019 18:31), but i had problem with my computer so i bought a new computer and now i can’t see my deposit. I import wallet but my balance is still zero. Can you help me? I have old wallet.dat

I use QT

When i import wallet to Syscoin 2 wrote me “you must use newer version”. When i import wallet to all version Syscoin 3 wrote me “wallet corrupted”. and when i import to Syscoin 4 balance is zero

The guide explains how to create a textfile containing your private keys (called a dumpfile) and how to import that into Syscoin 4. You cannot use the clients with wallet.dat files from different versions of Syscoin.

I used Syscoin 4.0.3. and in this version i created backup wallet.dat but now when i install Syscoin 4.0.3 and import wallet.dat i didt see balance after syncing. I dont know what to do to get coins back :frowning: