Blockmarket or Syscoin 2/3.x.x to Syscoin 4.x.x --- Upgrade Guide

Important Preliminaries - Do not skip this section at any rate!

Please read them carefully, we mean it.

  1. If you have already upgraded to Syscoin 4.0.0 successfully, you only need to install the latest version of Syscoin 4.3 and skip this guide.
  2. If you have not already done so make a backup of your wallet.dat. You can find it in The Syscoin data directory.
  3. This procedure will ‘dump’ your existing Syscoin 2/3 wallet via Blockmarket or Syscoin-Qt 2/3 into your public folder, and ‘import’ this wallet into Syscoin 4 from the same folder.
  4. You will need a copy of Syscoin-Qt 2/3 or Blockmarket (ideally the version that created your wallet) (it does not need to be synced).
  5. We indicate placeholders by using squared brackets. [USERNAME] becomes bob if your username is bob.
  6. This document contains vital information for the security of your funds throughout the text but especially at the end. Skimp read it at your own peril. You have been warned.
  7. Do not copy your wallet.dat into the new ‘Syscoin’ folder. Syscoin 2/3 and Syscoin 4 wallet.dat files are incompatible.

1. Unlock your wallet

  1. Start your old wallet.
  2. Unlock your wallet.
    • The client does not need to sync with the network.
    • You can use either
      • Syscoin-Qt 2/3.x
        1. Go to Console: Tools->Debug Console
          • in earlier version of Syscoin clients you can find the console by going to Help->Debug Window and then choosing the console tab
        2. Type walletpassphrase [PASSPHRASE] [SECONDS] and press Enter
          • replace [PASSPHRASE] with your passphrase and [SECONDS] with the duration you want to unlock the wallet for.
      • or Blockmarket
        1. Click the Lock icon in the upper right menu.
        2. Enter your passphrase in the form field and press the Unlock button

2. Dumping your wallet to a file (choose your existing wallet)

Dumping your wallet from Blockmarket

Go to Wallet and select ‘Dump Wallet’ (Top left) and enter path to save the file:

On Windows type:
And press Save.

On Mac type:
And press Save.

Dumping your wallet from Syscoin-Qt 2/3.x

You may already be in the Console. If you are not, then to open the console: Go to Tools->Debug Console

On Windows type:
dumpwallet "C:\Users\Public\sys3dump.bmwalletdump"
And press Enter.

On Mac type:
dumpwallet "/Users/[USERNAME]/Public/sys3dump.bmwalletdump"
And press Enter.

  • On some versions of Syscoin-Qt you will get ‘null’ this means it has worked.
Check your work

Navigate to where you saved your sys3dump.bmwalletdump file.

On Windows, navigate to:
You should see the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file.

On Mac, navigate to
You should see the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file.

  • If you see the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file, you have completed this step and may move on to step 2: Importing your dump file.

3. Get a clean start

Rename any pre-existing data directory named Syscoin. You can find it here.

  • Syscoin 4 uses to a data directory called Syscoin and so did Syscoin 1 and Syscoin 2.
  • Be aware that this folder contains your old (Syscoin 1 or Syscoin 2) wallet. Deleting it will delete your old private keys.
  • The data directories created by earlier versions of Syscoin are incompatible with Syscoin 4.

4. Preparing and Encrypting your new Wallet

You can use either a password (one word or string of characters) or a passphrase (multiple words or characters with spaces between) to encrypt your wallet.

Syscoin-Qt 4.3.X

Install and Run the latest version of Syscoin 4.x

  • On start, when asked to create a new wallet, select to enable encryption and untick ‘descriptor’.
  • Be sure to write down your passphrase and save it in a safe place.
  • Allow it to fully sync.

5. Importing your dump file (choose your upgrade wallet):

Importing into Syscoin-Qt 4.x
  1. Open the Console, go to Window->Console
  2. Go to Console: Tools->Debug Console
  3. Unlock your wallet.
    1. Type walletpassphrase [PASSPHRASE] [SECONDS] and press Enter
      • replace [PASSPHRASE] with your passphrase and [SECONDS] with the duration you want to unlock the wallet for.
      • if it returns null, it worked.
  4. Import the dumpfile
    • On Windows

      type importwallet "C:\Users\Public\sys3dump.bmwalletdump" and press Enter

    • On Mac

      type importwallet "/Users/[USERNAME]/Public/sys3dump.bmwalletdump" and press Enter

  • This import will take a while (can be 10 minutes or so) and you will see null in the console when finished.
  • You can now move to Finishing Up!
Finishing Up
  • Check that your Syscoin balance is correct!

  • You should now create a new address and send your entire balance to this new address to ensure that your HD keys are up-to-date.

  • Delete the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file that you created in Step 2.
    It is an openly readable text file that contains your private keys. Be sure to remove it from your Trash (Mac) or Recycle Bin (Windows)

  • You are done! Enjoy your Syscoin Wallet!

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I followed the procedure to the letter but I got a “can’t load wallet” error when I tried to load the sys3dumpwallet file into the sys 4.2.2 wallet using the console.

Please help me, my coins are on BM.