How to access my syscoins bought in 2017 which I placed in a blockmarket wallet?

I bought some syscoins in 2017 and transferred them to a blockmarket wallet. Today, I checked my public address on a sys explorer but it can’t find the address. I tried to follow this guide Blockmarket or Syscoin 2/3.x.x to Syscoin 4.x.x — Upgrade Guide, but I don’t have blockmarket on my computer anymore. I can’t remember the version I previously used also. So I downloaded the latest version of Blockmarket Blockmarket 3.2.0 and installed it. I found Import wallet but I don’t have any .dat file. I only stored the private key of my address. How can I gain access to my syscoins?

If you have the private keys you can just import them onto 4.1.3, go to the console and type
importprivkey “privkey”
privkey being your private key

I got null when I do importprivkey. Anyway, why can’t I find any search results when I searched for my address in the explorer?

Null is the correct response, are you able to let me know what the address is you think you should have Sys in

I realised I remembered wrongly. I checked my transaction records in my exchange and found that I did not transfer the syscoins out. However, I did create a wallet with address 12U9hVr1wLTqyrNWEA5TFCNAmjECWkqSrU. Why can’t I find any search results when I searched for my address in the explorer? And how do I check whether the wallet I imported has the mentioned public address?

Sys changed its address structure in SYS3 from BTC type to S type you can see your S address here

So 12U9hVr1wLTqyrNWEA5TFCNAmjECWkqSrU changed to SNm9jLdAfhf3WA9xmb4Xo6WjRWTdMzURKu so your SYS4 wallet should have this address

If you have never used an address it will not show anything in the explorer

Yes I found it in the receiving addresses. I saw a few other addresses with no label and 1 labeled home. What are those?

Have no idea not knowing your history back then, it really does not matter now as you never sent any coins to any address. If you are concerned just create a new address and you should also have made a copy of your wallet.dat once you have encrypted it

Hi, hoping you can help. I’ve installed the latest wallet, backed it up, and went to console to import the private key from my 2017 blockmarket wallet… this is the response I received:
16:30:18 Invalid private key encoding (code -5)
any suggestions?

and what I try to validate the two public addresses I have on file from 2017 it says
“isvalid” false
is that bad news?

I have private key, password, wallet.dat and haven’t touched the wallet since June 2018

What is the address you think you have a balance on

Thanks, I have 2 public addresses

the first one has my SYS in it, cryptoID shows

Yes under the address SjUkhVQL3wo5xyLiu2scMdi8LbQjethyXh
This would be the current address check to see if this is valid and ‘ismine=true’

thx, pls can you clarify what I should type in the console?

To import a key importprivkey yourkey

To validate an address validateaddress youraddress

You might be better off raising a ticket in Discord as i am going to bed and there are more people about to help just dont give anyone your private keys or dump file go to #create-ticket

thank you so much! sleep well