Increase to Governance Proposals - Proposal 2

Governance Proposal 2:
28.4 million SYS across 3 years, plus 32.4 million SYS in the first superblock for VC fund

Please read the general introduction here.

This proposal is to combine the amount of governance that would have been paid out over the next 30 years (28,432,980 SYS) and put it up for Governance across the next 3 years, with most being made available in the first year. Additionally, the first superblock will contain 32,407,008 SYS. Syscoin Foundation will propose for the whole amount of the first superblock and store it in a multisig wallet. This fund would only be used to sell Syscoin OTC to VCs and other (corporate) entities who can bring significant contributions to the growth and adoption of Syscoin.

After those 3 years the monthly available amount would go back to the point we would have reached in 30 years; 35K SYS each superblock.

Voting For This Proposal

To vote in support of this proposal:

  • Vote in Syscoin-Qt
    • Open Syscoin-Qt
    • Select Tools > Console from the top menu
    • Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:

Vote YES
gobject_vote_many aa7b8dc73b656e5993180d9ae497502f51f2a50ff52b25b7aef4a3218f777595 funding yes

Vote NO
gobject_vote_many aa7b8dc73b656e5993180d9ae497502f51f2a50ff52b25b7aef4a3218f777595 funding no