Hello Sys family greetings to y’all.
My name Dabbie, a Nigerian crypto enthusiast, a social media marketer. I am currently working with Near Protocol as a moderator, a DAO council member and a social media influencer.


Here’s my twitter link on Near protocol, where I host twitter spaces, for different occasions and events.

Nigeria is one of the largest countries in Africa situated in the western part of the continent with over 206.1 million (2021) people as indigenous inhabitants.

Here’s my proposal.

I aim at creating a Nigerian DAO, where crypto enthusiasts in Nigeria will be onboarded into the Sys ecosystem.
Our purpose is to create a connection with the Sys Ecosystem through digital and physical communication, giving support to the Nigerian communities and also facilitate the interactions between Nigerians and the Sys Environment.

The Nigerian DAO is going to be a DAO under the Sys community that would serve
a multi DAO logistics (creatives, educational, etc) for the sole purpose of expanding the reach of the Syscoin in all area of Nigeria. Our main intention is to onboard on SYS Nigerians that will be working on publishing, interviews, art, and many other interesting projects that could develop into creative products, like 3d objects, visual art, memes, youtube interviews and talks etc, everything registered as NFT on SYS Market Place. This is important to SYS, because it is a way to bring the Nigerians into SYS Blockchain, in order for them to produce artistic, historical, and cultural blockchain products, such as many kinds of NFTs (videos, images, texts, 3d object etc).

Our DAO is open to everyone in the ecosystem especially Nigerians who are interested in crypto advancement either by invite of the council and can join our community by reaching us on telegram.

Our Goals:
The Nigerian DAO intends to be a DAO for all Nigerians with different contributive strengths, they will include musicians, artists, teachers, writers, game devs, technical analysts, traders etc. We will be publishing NFTs, making youtube interviews, everything on the internet and on SYS blockchain, and also all digitalized products from IRL events/projects.

For kickoff
We’ll be creating social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, telegram, TikTok.

Ideas (long term)

We aim to build a SYS community to accelerate the knowledge, adoption, innovation and application of SYS in Nigeria, in order to boost Nigeria and Africa’s blockchain technology.


We conduct SYS development training events, where SYS smart contract development frameworks are showcased and explored together with the participants.

The DAO will regularly organize meetups and events at schools, vocational training centers and/or universities to educate the participants on blockchain technology & SYS

The DAO will build SYS Nigeria community of blockchain/DeFi enthusiasts, users, developers and promoters

We collaborate with and support other companies or other organizations pursuing similar interests.

Building bridges with communities
The DAO leads to participate in local tech events to engage with the local tech communities and hold discussions with them on how the SYScoin can be adopted and used to solve problems in the community.

Please I will need your reactions and feedbacks thanks so much.

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I run a project on Syscoin called Suscoin and actually my two Discord mods are both Nigerian and we have a few more fans from Nigeria on our server. I don’t know that they’d want to join a DAO right off the bat but I would love if you came by and talked to them to see if they are interested. The invite link is

My username is uttke.sys#5440
Also can find me on twitter @uttke_sysdev

I would love if you could come talk with us about Syscoin sometime because I have been teaching them but I’m in the USA so our schedules conflict.

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That would be nice fam. I’ll be with you.

Why did you have to block me buddy? I can’t reach you and I got kicked from your server. Why such inhumane act. It’s not fair