Is the QT Wallet 4.20 safer than using Klever mobile wallet

Hi there, now that the Lux upgrade has been completed, I see there is the option of a Klever mobile wallet. Is this wallet just as safe as using the QT Wallet 4.20? Or is it best to use QT?

If they are of equal security, which wallet is more user friendly simply to hold some SYS tokens? Does the Klever wallet remove the need to have a backup saved on a hard drive?

Klever Mobile Wallet says ‘recommended’ beside it. Does this mean it is the recommended mobile wallet or is it recommended even above QT wallet?

Klever is way more user friendly. QT is probably safest since it’s not on your phone which is more easily hacked. QT I’d recommend for large sums that need to be secured with a wallet.dat and store backups offline. Mobile wallets with seed phrases are secure too just not as much as using QT. For anyone not experienced in crypto Klever will be the most secure.

Thanks for that.

What about if I only use my laptop only and never use my phone to login to the Klever wallet? Would this mean that it is not more easy to hack if I use the laptop only?