Lost seniority due to using new masternode address and txid

Hello everybody,

I saw to late that due to an error with the INIATILIZSE button in the wallet, I made a new masternode adress. I moved the coins over from my old masternode wallet to the new generated one. Ofcourse I realised to late that I lost my seniority because of this (duh… a new txid).

Is there a chance to still use my old masternode privkey and adress to set up the masternode again (i got all the information written down). Or am I doomed and need to start over again, because the coins have moved from the old wallet adress to the new one?

Thanks in advance!



Sorry but once you have moved any/all your collateral seniority is lost

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@johnp I’m planning to move the master node to a new server which involves a change of IP. If I don’t move collateral but only server would I lose seniority in that case?

No you do not lose seniority as long as you use the same TX

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