Masternode Initialize Error (also within Console)


  • Problem: Masternode Initialize Error, within Masternode tab as well as in Console.
  • QT 4.1.3
  • Followed guide 'Masternode VPS changed IP address (300) > unsuccessful

Steps taken:

successful installation
masternode.config. accurately updated, everything setup OK

First try: initialized masternode in masternodes tab, steps:

  1. Initialize masternode
  2. Enter passphrase

Failed. Error message (below):

Error message
Failed to start masternode.
Error: Could not allocate outpoint [output index] [IP-address]:8369

second try via Console, failed as well: Error Message below:

  1. wallet unlocked un Console
  2. masternode initialize [inserted the masternode label]

Failed in Error message below:

Error message
Failed to start masternode.
Error: Could not allocate outpoint [output index ID for masternode [IP-address]:8369

It looks correct to me. From the console is the only way to start it at the moment. If the wallet unlocked and won’t initialize with the command I would check the masternode.conf again to make sure it’s correct. Do you have the right number behind your tx ID? It’s usually a 0 or a 1

Need to check

  1. Is wallet synced to correct block
  2. Does your TX still hold 100k exactly, check on explorer

@NerZee, yes everything tripple checked in masternode.config. Everything is correct.

  1. Wallet is fully synced (also masternodes), to which block it needs to be synced?
  2. Looking in coin control: the masternode legacy address to which I sent 100.000 sys
    according to the setup instruction, received exactly 100.000 SYS. E.g. behind the label
    MN1 it shows the receiving address which states the masternode legacy address to which I have sent the 100.000. This amount is locked, since it has the lock icon in front.


How can I look up my TX with explorer exactly? What do I need to fill in where and can I also lookup the amount of sys my masternode collateral address currently has, using console?

I have several masternode legacy addresses per wallet. Perhaps that should cause trouble?

You can check both the TX and collateral address in the explorer

What are the first 4 letters of your collateral address

Its strange, on explorer it says that it has 100.000 balance as well.


  1. What are the first 4 letters of your collateral address
  2. type masternode outputs in the console, does the index (1 or 0) match your MN conf
  3. Are you sure you have the correct MN Key against the correct IP

First lettters are: SkCM

Thats address should be ok

  1. SkCM
  2. I just checked with masternode outputs. It shows the correct index. Within my masternode.config file I left the " " away around the index number though, but that is how its indicated in the instructions. So I do not have my index in masternode.config stated as “0”, but rather stated just as 0.
  3. 100%, triple checked this. With all my masternodes.

Is this a first time setup

Yes, that is correct. First time setup.

That error is 99% caused by an error in configuration the only way i think i can now help is if you are able to show me some screenshots

This can be done by PM if you wish

Note: You can only control your MN from the wallet that holds the collateral