Masternode last seen stays behind


I have an issue with a few masternodes within QT 4.1.3.

Certain nodes keep running correctly, delivering steady rewards. Some others required a new start. Within console I initialized these and they are now ENABLED again. Nevertheless, the last seen colom keeps showing the 22nd of December, while the other nodes which do delivering rewards are also enabled and showing correctly the 24th of December.

Had this before with these nodes, enabled them again via console but they did not start paying out anymore and last seen was as well behind on the current date. Now happens the same. All nodes (rewarding and not rewarding) are on the correct block.

Anybody an idea how to solve the issue making them payout rewards again?


Last seen date is not accurate so pay no real attention to it, if you MN keeps going NSR and you are on the correct block GETH may have stuck so a simple Stop/Start or reboot fixes it. All this is sorted in 4.2. Add your nodes to Nodecheck proactive monitoring and this can give you a heads up when a problem starts