Masternode new start required

yes all mine nodes running on 4.1.3 … i did a reindex on my QT - i also need to do a reindex on the VPS ?

“address”: “”,
“payee”: “SgrUzKtmopMkyaxar1AKrMZ8joLZzTehuf”,
“status”: “ENABLED”,
“protocol”: 31800,
“daemonversion”: “1.1.3”,
“sentinelversion”: “1.0.0”,
“sentinelstate”: “current”,
“lastseen”: 1589764858,
“activeseconds”: 29987494,
“lastpaidtime”: 0,
“lastpaidblock”: 0,
“pingretries”: 0

yes, you also need one on the the vps.

how do a reindex on the vps ?

That depends on how you installed it.
But in general, your Syscoin masternode also has a data directory with a syscoin.conf file in it.

installed with the script
The qt reindex = 1 i did
if in log in on the VPS there is stated " system restart required"

*** System restart required ***
Last login: Sat Mar 28 17:24:57 2020 from

That message means the operating system has installed updates that require a reboot to take effect. It’s unrelated to Syscoin, but a good idea for security reasons.

I wrote a short tutorial on how to reindex a masternode:

Hi,what is it re-initialize?

It’s the thing you did when you first got them, starting them from Syscoin-Qt…only the button in the GUI is broken at the moment.
There are instructions here:

22:56:58 walletpassphrase [my pass] [600]

22:56:58 Method not found (code -32601)

why is the error coming out?
Or do I need to remove the brackets?

as the instructions said, you need to remove the brackets.

23:07:32 walletpassphrase my pass 600

23:07:32 Method not found (code -32601)

why is the error coming out? (((

If your passphrase contains spaces, wrap it in quotation marks.

There are no spaces in the password
Is it important to drive in the password manually or can you just copy it?

Copying should work fine. I’d suggest you try wrapping it in quotation marks anyway. Maybe certain special symbols also affect it.

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I can not understand the cause of this problem

You don’t provide enough information to find out what the problem is.
One of your nodes needs to be re-initialized, obviously.

I already did this procedure 20 days ago
me what to do it again?

So, how did the status of mn1 change over time? Did it stay in NSR?

already here and there mn1 and mn2(