My Syscoins are gone after I deleted everything including the wallet.dat file

Sorry I do not speak or understand any words in English, I do not know if I am in the right section to present my problem.
sorry this is a google translation I have been running since the beginning of January to try to recover my syscoin tokens lost during a bug with my spark wallet 4.0.3. All the maneuvers attempted to date bring me back to the discord support that I have already contacted without success.
I come back to you hoping to find the solution or at least the place where I must address myself to resolve my problem. VP help me
I will copy the letters already sent to you.
I am not sure if I am in the right place to submit my problem and I hope you will be able to help me.
I downloaded on the github platform “” SPARK WALLET "for windows 10 but after a bug of the SPARK wallet my syscoins disappeared. Impossible to find them.
They are well registered on :
“” CRYPTO ID type for Syscoin Syscoin Blockchain Explorer
Rich List Rank 4163 at block 313652 with 4,099.0 SYS
Guesstimated Wallet none
Received 4,099.0 SYS in 1 transactions
Hash Block Date / Time Amount Balance
e2c6971c83b3f673 … 308646 2019-12-31 17:42:42 + 4,099.0 SYS 4,099.0 SYS
Thanking you for all you can do for me
Respectful greetings
Michel Baudemont
messages sent to GITUB: negative response
Marketing & Syscoin Foundation team / negative response : 3 emails but no response negative response

Syscoin Community
22 janv. 2020 10:15
Ă€ moi

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Hi Michel,
Please join the Syscoin discord server and enter the #Help channel, where we can give the support you request.
Kind regards,
Michiel | Marketing Team & Syscoin Foundation | | Discord: Michiel#9794 | TG: @michielscmt

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Hello Laurent,
please follow these steps:

  1. download Syscoin-Qt 4.1.3 from
  2. close spark, if it is running
  3. install and run Syscoin-Qt
  4. wait for it to synchronise with the network
  5. post here again and tell us if you can see the correct balance now.

Good luck!

Here is the return google translate:

Bonjour Laurent,
veuillez suivre ces Ă©tapes:

  1. téléchargez Syscoin-Qt 4.1.3 depuis
  2. arrĂŞter spark
  3. installer et exécuter Syscoin-Qt
  4. attendez qu’il se synchronise avec le réseau
  5. postez ici encore et dites-nous si vous pouvez voir le bon Ă©quilibre maintenant.
    Bonne chance!

thank you very much you reassure me, I finally have a reliable contact with whom to correspond. I waited for the Synchronization which is in green now with a note “late by 44 weeks”. I still don’t have my syscoins posted. I’m going to wait until the 44 seemaines are finished posting. The problem is that I have uninstalled everything and deleted everything, so even the wallet.dat file. I didn’t know what it was, to reinstall version 4.0.3 in January again. But still having nothing, I started to look for help on the net. Each time I had negative answers, I did not ask the right people.
Thank you again for taking my request into consideration
very cordially
Michel Baudemont

merci infiniment vous me rassurez , j’ai enfin un interlocuteur fiable avec qui correspondre. J’ai bien attendu la Synchronisation qui est en vert maintenant avec une note “en retard de 44semaines”. Je n’ai toujours pas mes syscoins d’affichés . Je vais attendre la fin de l’afficage des 44 seemaines
Le soucis est que j’ai tout désintallez et tout suprimé donc même le fichier wallet.dat. J’ignorais ce que c’était, pour reinstallé en janvier à nouveau la version 4.0.3. Mais n’ayant toujours rien, je me suis mis à chercher de l’aide sur le net. A chaque fois j’ai eu des réponses négatives , je ne demandais pas aux bonnes personnes.
En vous remerciant à nouveau de prendre ma demande en considération
très cordialement
Michel Baudemont

Hi Laurent,
the wallet.dat file contains your private keys, which control your syscoins.
Without it, you do not have access to your syscoins.
So if you deleted it, you lost your syscoins.

Salut Laurent,
le fichier wallet.dat contient vos clés privées, qui contrôlent vos syscoin.
Sans cela, vous n’avez pas accès à vos syscoins.
Donc, si vous le supprimiez, vous perdiez vos syscoins.

Thank you for your response, which does not excite me.
Is it really lost, is there any way to recover it even with these addresses?

Merci pour votre réponse, qui ne m’enthousiasme pas.
C’est vraiment perdu, il n’y a aucun moyen de les récupérer meme avec ces adresses?

the only way to access the syscoins is to have the private keys, which are saved in the wallet.dat.
So if you don’t have the wallet.dat and cannot recover it, then there is no way to access them.

la seule façon d’accéder aux syscoins est d’avoir les clés privées, qui sont enregistrées dans wallet.dat.
Donc, si vous n’avez pas le wallet.dat et ne pouvez pas le récupérer, il n’y a aucun moyen d’y accéder.

Ciao Laurent, I also have a similar problem, I want to recover my tokens but I don’t know how to do it. I launched the 4.1.3 version of Syscoin Core but there is this error: " incorrect or no genesis block found. Wrong datadir for network?". What should I do? Many thanks

If you deleted your wallet.dat, maybe check your system’s “Recycle Bin” or equivalent. If you don’t find it there, your only hope of recovering the wallet.dat would be a data recovery service (I don’t personally know of any, but some people offer that service), but even then success cannot be guaranteed.

Please always back-up your wallet.dat file! This holds true for any bitcoin-based cryptocurrency.

Your issue sounds different. It sounds like you might have your wallet.dat, but you are somehow either connecting to the wrong network or the block history your wallet is very old/invalid and isn’t part of the current network.

I suggest that you backup these files (wallet.dat, syscoin.conf, masternode.conf) to a thumb-drive or similar. Those files can be found in the Syscoin data directory. Here is a guide for locating that based on your system/OS:

Then delete everything in your Syscoin data directory, copy the backed-up files back into there. Then attempt to reinstall Syscoin 4.1.3 fresh and let us know how that goes. Once you open the freshly installed wallet it will begin downloading the blockchain again (this will take some time). If the issue persists after this we’ll be happy to help further, but that should solve it.

Hi bstr156
Might this solution work with damaged wallet.dat?