New Masternodes still "missing" in Masternode Tab

Hi there,

Let me start by thanking and appreciating the dedicated team/community members, who continually seek to improve and aid our Syscoin experience.

First and foremost, I had recently initialized a couple masternodes, approximately 5 days ago. This seems to be several hours past the grace period, which I doubt is a problem, but i was wanting to clarify if my masternodes displaying “missing” in the masternode tab has any correlation with the grace period?

My second observation was that my Allnodes account is indicating these masternodes to be fine, with accurate uptime, enabled status, etc. Is there any way to validate this through the console via command? ( I tried the masternodelist json [Your-ip] command and it’s output was nothing]

Thank you for any insight and advice!

Sounds like you have an issue with QT

  1. What Version is it Help-About Syscoin Core
  2. What block are you on got to console and type getblockcount

Hi Johnp,

So after roughly 90 mins my QT wallet has fully synced. Indicating both masternodes are enabled. I just reran the masternodelist command and my nodes are 140 hours of uptime.

Is that normal for it reach that many hours before first payment?

That is about normal should be any time soon for the first one

Okay, that is reassuring. The disparate information between the QT wallet tab and my vpn provider was really my biggest concern.

Thank you for responding, have a great day!