I can’t figure out what needs to be done for a successful launch?
Help with starting the node
New Start Required status in my node
What to do?

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Hey there! To start your masternode using your controller node (Qt), do the following.

Go to Window->Console (or hit ctrl+t) then enter the following commands in the console:

  1. walletpassphrase <yourWalletPassphrase> 1000 (this unlocks your wallet for 1000 seconds)
  2. masternode initialize <nameOfYourMasternode>
  3. walletlock (this locks your wallet once again)

If your masternode is configured properly, and is connected and in sync, it should change to status “PRE_ENABLED”, and after some time “ENABLED”.

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How accurate is wallet vs Syscoin Masternodes?

I get ‘new_start_required’ in wallet, but every other checks says everything is fine. What’s the source of truth?