No transactions an no balance migrating from old address

About 2 years ago I sent funds to my Blockmarket wallet (starting with SfEx…). I recently followed the instructions at Blockmarket or Syscoin 2/3.x.x to Syscoin 4.x.x --- Upgrade Guide, but I get no transactions, and 0 balance in all of my wallet addresses.

I installed Syscoin Core 3.2.1 (it doesn’t sync to network, but I guess that’s expected), run the command to import my private key, run the command to dump the wallet. Then installed Syscoin Core 4.1.3, let it finish syncing, run the command to import the dumped wallet. The address SfEx… is correctly imported there, but the list of transactions is empty, and the balances are also 0.

I followed this instructions to reindex: How to reindex a Syscoin client. No changes.

I restarted the client several times. No changes.

At the block explorer the address SfEx… cannot be found. I’m not sure if there is an explorer for the old versions that can show that the funds are there.

Please let me know what else I can do to move those funds to the new version.

Check there that is the SYS3 chain

Ok I see in the SYS3 chain that I moved the funds to another old address. The only transaction I did was when when I created an alias. How can I recover the funds from there? I don’t have any other wallet file, just the original private key.

“The only transaction I did was when when I created an alias.”
This was costing you like 0.003 SYS and the rest of ~1930 SYS went to a change address (SSb6…).
That is normal stuff.

You only saved the priv key of that alias address, not the wallet.dat with the change addresses?

Yes that’s exactly it. I only have the original priv key, that seems to recover just the SfEx… address. I didn’t do a backup of the wallet.dat after creating the alias as I though the alias was linked to the original address.

The alias was linked to the original address, but with creating the alias there was a cost involved and with that you did spend the coins from that address. 0.003 SYS for creating the alias and the rest went to a change address. That’s normal standard because it is saver to not reuse keys over and over again. You had to send everything back to the alias address to keep it stored there.
It’s very risky to only save certain keys if you are not 1000% sure which addresses all your coins are on.
That’s why the recommendation is to make copies of your wallet.dat.

Yes I spent 0.003 SYS creating the alias and the rest of funds are now in the change address (SSb6…). You mean I need to move them back to the original address (SfEx…)? How can I do that?

If you don’t have the change address private key or a wallet.dat that contained all of your addresses, then unfortunately you can’t access the funds on that change address.

It is best practice from a practical and security standpoint to backup a wallet.dat because every transaction you make will create a new change address that contains funds.

If you have old computers or storage devices with your wallet.dat then there is still hope to recover the funds.