Pali Wallet lost Connection to Trezor


I recently installed Pali Wallet v1.0.28 on my PC and connected my Trezor Model T to it with no issues.

I did several test transfers to and from my hardware wallet from my Coinspot exchange using a small amount of SYS and all worked fine before I transferred a large amount of SYS to my Trezor.

Now my Pali wallet is unable to connect to my hardware wallet so I cannot transfer SYS back to my exchange. I can see the correct SYS amount when going into my Pali wallet extension in Google chrome.

I have tried installing the Pali extension on another computer and it will not connect to the trezor device either. I can also see my Trezor fine when i open the Trezor Suite, although cannot see my SYS as Trezor Suite is not compatible with SYS.

This issue was raised by another user on Jan 29, however there was no solution provided so i am starting a new topic.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.