Pingretries has exceeded 30. New Start Required

Haven’t had much down time at all, but recently had to re enable all the nodes through the console (Due to SYSQT UI error I believe)

Two nodes now saying New Start Required and have only been running for 10 days~. Previous connections were 100+ days no problems.

When I check the VPS they say enabled and fine.

All nodes were updated and installed using the Big Poppa auto script.

Syscoin Core version v4.1.3.0-c56a9e7fc

Any advice is appreciated, don’t want to keep repeating errors if there is something new I’m supposed to be doing.

Thanks in advance!

If you used the autoscript and use Qt you should be fine. Make sure your VPS is stable, usually that can is the issue when you experience an unstable node. You can always do a reinstall, that does not mean you loose rewards. I always suggest you do that after you receive a reward.

Looks like the same problems happening.

Have reinstalled now twice and been kicked off the rewards set.

Definitely something funky happening, because using VPS’s that fit the requirements and have been running for multiple months without hassle previously.

I see you are using Contabo; best to take that up with their support then.