Please give 800 coin to the address for test SYSCOIN

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We’re here to help you solve your Syscoin-related problems, but we need some information to be able to help you efficiently.

If you experience any problems with Syscoin software:

  • Include the name of the software that has the problem and the relevant version numbers in your description
  • If you followed any guides and experience problems since then, tell us which guides you followed
  • If you made any other changes or made no changes, also include that information

Please give 800 coin to the address for test SYSCOIN, thank you. Address: TSYS1QU3VCLL5T69DD8LAEKDRRA43G3NRL7PJHADMCMR

Address: tsys1qu3vcll5t69dd8laekdrra43g3nrl7pjhadmcmr
txid: a5589475dcc699bd8a81cec8aa406eed7117049d76a807886f1e96de92e77e3b

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