Problem with masternode restart

I, I’m looking for some help to restart my masternode properly ; I’ve made some basic system updates on my vps. I use to do it sometimes, and everything was ok until today : it seems that syscoind doesn’t want to launch anymore. I’ve tried a new install via “sysmasternode” command, everything seemed to be fine, but when I tried a syscoin-cli command I’ve had this message :
“error: timeout on transient error: Could not connect to the server
Make sure the syscoind server is running and that you are connecting to the correct RPC port.” (before that I could do syscoin-cli commands as usual, that why I find it strange…)
Is someone has ever encountered that problem, and know how to solve it ? Thanks.

Sorry, I reply on myself, I still did not integrate that the command was done with “syscli” and not “syscoin-cli” anymore since the core upgrade… All is good finally, masternode is syncing :stuck_out_tongue:

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