QT 4.1.3 Re-indexing stuck at block 420'137

Re-indexing 4.1.3 gets stuck at block 420’137.
pls advice on how to resolve.
Thank you!

Hi @MooBaa!

Oh, this is a new one.

Could you send the debug.log file to development@syscoin.org?

To get your Syscoin-Qt working again follow these steps:

  1. close Syscoin-Qt
  2. Navigate in your File browser to The Syscoin data directory
  3. (optional, but we’d appreciate it) copy the debug.log file and send it to us.
  4. make a backup of your wallet.dat file and/or wallets folder if you don’t have a backup already (it’s always better to have backups)
  5. remove everything except the wallets folder, any file named wallet.dat or masternode.conf or syscoin.conf from the directory
  6. restart Syscoin-Qt

I used another computing machine and i synched successfully…so we don’t need to waste time trying to figure it out. I will just delete/reinstall syscoin core from scratch on the computer with the stuck indexing problem. Thank you!

I keep having this problem too. Tried this method, it works but after a few days, problem comes back. Stuck at syncing headers 585849