QT Wallet won't open

So everytime I try and open syscoin-qt.exe I get the following message:
Error: Unable to start HTTP server. See debug log for details.
I can post my debug file if that helps.
I have made sure that the firewall is open for syscoin-qt.exe and sysgeth.nod.
I deleted the entire roaming folder except for my wallet folder.
Keeps getting the sames message.
I even downloaded the newest qt wallet 4.1.3
I’m at a loss. I can’t interact with my coins. I’ve never had a problem with the wallet since 2018.

You say you have downloaded the latest version what where you using before
And have you ever installed Spark

Also have you rebooted you machine to kill any running processes

Never installed Spark. I was using Syscoin 4.1.31 QT before. I only turn the wallet on once a month or so to download the chain.
I’ll try a reboot and let you know how it goes.

THAT did the trick. I rebooted and it started right up. Thanks for the help!